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0million Population
0th Human Development Index Rank
0% Literacy Rate

One of the poorest countries in Europe.

Bosnia-Herzegovina suffered immense damage in the 1992-5 war, with a quarter of a million deaths alongside the material losses. Nearly 20 years later, it remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Although progress has been made in Bosnia-Herzegovina, many families still lack a permanent home, having lost theirs in the conflict, and unemployment is high.

Following the war, Islamic Relief began providing vital emergency assistance in 1992, delivering food, water and clothes. We rebuilt homes, schools and public buildings which had been destroyed, and began providing support during Ramadan and Qurbani, which continues to this day.

We focus a lot of our work on supporting single-parent families and orphans, as these are amongst the most vulnerable groups. Alongside our one-to-one orphan sponsorship program, we also provide psychosocial assistance to children and families who have been traumatized by what they went through during and since the conflict ended.

We also provided interest-free loans, based on Islamic finance models, to help single mothers set up their own businesses and rebuild their homes. Without our support, they might never have got the opportunity, but when the loans are repaid to Islamic Relief and we lend the money out again, we can use one donation to help family after family.

  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution
  • Orphan one-to-one sponsorship
  • Well drilling
    • Drilled a water well in the village of Gradska to facilitate the return of displaced individuals and refugees to the area
    • Provided a sustainable return and stimulated agricultural development as a result
    • Hoped that the success of the project will have a psychological effect on surrounding communities and will empower them to start such projects themselves
  • Seeds for affected farmer families affected in the Bosnian floods
    • Objective: protecting life and dignity and reducing poverty of BIH population affected by the floods and landslides
    • Provided seeds of corn and artificial fertilizers for 105 beneficiaries in the Prijedor area