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0million Population
0th Human Development Index Rank
0% Literacy Rate

One of the ten poorest countries in the world.

It is landlocked, so with little access to water from seas or rivers, frequently suffers drought – and with 80% of the population relying on agriculture to survive, this can be devastating. These problems are exacerbated by chronic instability and conflict, with violence creating over 100,000 internally displaced people (IDPs). Instability also means fluctuating food prices, which leave poor families malnourished, and a suffering education system, with over half the population unable to read or write.

Islamic Relief began working in Chad in 2006, when the conflict in Darfur forced thousands to flee from Sudan to Chad, overwhelming the already struggling country. We provided immediate assistance to support both the refugees from Sudan and IDPs within Chad, setting up an office in May 2007 to continue development work.

As well as emergency relief, we provide support to farmers, water and sanitation facilities, and training on reproductive health and midwifery, to tackle the maternal health problem suffered by Chad. We are also working to protect Chad from future droughts, by ensuring they are prepared to produce and store enough food.

  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution
  • Emergency water supply
    • Constructed 5 boreholes in the targeted communities of Amdam, Chad
    • Increased accessibility of households to potable water
    • Improved hygiene and sanitation in the area
  • Solar powered water systems
    • Improved access to safe drinking water for schools and health centres in the Amdam district and Salamat Region of Chad by installing 9 boreholes to solar power