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0million Population
0th Human Development Index Rank
0% Literacy Rate

A small country covered by desert.

Jordan is a small country covered by desert, with only 4% of land fit for growing crops. Water supplies are scarce, and resources have been stretched to breaking point by the large number of refugees settling in-country. 

With 35% of the population estimated to be Palestinians seeking safety, as well as over half a million Iraqi refugees, there is barely enough work to go around, and many families remain unemployed and unable to support themselves. Conditions in refugee camps are extremely poor – there is little or no access to water or electricity, squalid conditions which lead to disease and vermin infestations, and a severe shortage of doctors and medical staff to treat illness.

We began work in Jordan in 1997, extending our orphan sponsorship programme to the country, as well as beginning Ramadan and Qurbani projects on a yearly basis.

Today, we support refugees in the Baqa’a camp, as well as providing relief and shelter to those fleeing the Syrian conflict to seek safety in Jordan.

  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution
  • Orphan one-to-one sponsorship
  • Basic non-food items for Syrian refugees
    • Provided hygiene kits to approximately 3000 Syrian families, an average of 16,000 beneficiaries
  • Shelter for refugees in the Za’atari Camp in Mafraq, Jordan
    • Provided beneficiaries with proper caravans/pre-fab shelters to ensure efficient protection from the extreme desert wind and weather conditions as well as insulate the rainwater leaking into the tents
  • Winter crisis emergency intervention
    • Distributed 4,700 blankets, 6,029 clothing vouchers and 1,245 mattresses to beneficiaries