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0th Human Development Index Rank
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Intense fighting broke out in Libya.

In February 2011, intense fighting broke out when the revolution hit Libya. Hundreds of thousands of civilians fled their homes to avoid the violence. 840,000 became refugees, with nearly 200,000 seeking protection in neighbouring countries, the majority in Tunisia. Unable to carry supplies with them, they needed shelter, food, water and hygiene items. Some were wounded and in need of medical treatment.

During the revolution in Libya, Islamic Relief was one of the first aid agencies on the ground and played a crucial role in providing emergency relief.

In Tunisia, IR provided:

  • Shelter, food, clean water and hygiene kits were provided in border camps at Ras Ajdir, Dheiba, Remada and Tatouine
  • Where possible, some expatriate workers were provided flights to their home countries
  • Play areas and classes were arranged for children at the camps in Remada and some children were enrolled to local schools

In Libya, IR provided:

  • Emergency food, baby milk, hygiene kits and clothing was distributed in Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli
  • Hospitals were stocked with medical supplies, anaesthetic equipment and X-ray machines in Zintan, Jadu, Nalu, Yefren and Misrata
  • Fuel was provided for ambulances in Zintan, Yefren and Nalut
  • Over 10,000m3 of waste removed in Benghazi to stop the spread of disease
  • Fun days organised for children to take their minds off the conflict
  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution