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0million Population
0th Human Development Index Rank
0% Literacy Rate

One of the poorest and least developed countries in the Arab world.

Yemen—one of the oldest inhabited areas on Earth—is also one of the poorest and least developed countries in the Arab world. The country’s economy depends heavily upon its oil supply, but these resources are fast-depleting.

Nearly half of its 24 million people live in “unusually deep and severe” poverty, according to the UN

High illiteracy rates and a lack of education further stifles Yemen population from progress toward building better futures for themselves and their children.

In 2011, political turmoil turned the dire living conditions in Yemen even more desperate. Clashes between civilian protesters calling for governmental change and security forces resulted in hundreds of deaths. The violence left thousands of Yemenis with no place to go—thousands were rendered homeless.

  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution
  • Orphan one-to-one sponsorship
  • Health Check-ups Project
    • Maintained and improve the overall and physical health of Islamic Relief Yemen orphans, their siblings and guardians through the provision of a free medical care benefiting 2,961 individuals
  • Special Skills project for Orphans
    • This project provided orphans who are over the age of 14 years to provide them with special awareness sessions, training and courses to support them in finding the right direction for their future and to be equipped with skills that for supporting their families
  • Distribution of blankets to Orphans
    • The project minimized the suffering of orphans during cold winter in the city of Sana’a benefiting 300 orphans
  • Improvement of school enrolment through food provision
    • The project reduced the phenomenon of children dropping out of school by providing the student’s families with food rations thereby encouraging longer enrolments for children in school
  • Improving access to drinking water – Lahj Governorate
    • Rehabilitated water systems and created community awareness towards health and sanitation practices to benefit 430 households equating to 3,100 individuals
  • Celebrations day for orphans
    • Organized recreational day for 2372 Orphans in Sana’a and Aden providing the children with positive appreciation and support