B.C. Wildfire Emergency

A frightening string of 227 wildfires rage across the Cariboo Region of British Columbia. With the wind picking up alarming speed, the province has declared a state of emergency.

Over 10,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes with barely minutes to pack up their belongings.

Urgent support is needed.

The scale of some fires have increased tenfold within a single day, and fight is nowhere near over with crews of firefighters and officials working around the clock.

The fires has already caused extensive damage to the power grid, and now threaten a different mix of towns, Indigenous communities, highways and critical infrastructure. Cities to the south are currently overwhelmed trying to meet the needs of evacuee families.

Islamic Relief Canada is on the ground in British Columbia, setting up operations to provide food, water, shelter and emergency supplies, as well as supporting the efforts of authorities and local agencies.