Pakistan Earthquake

A powerful 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Pakistan around the city of Mirpur in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

25 people are dead and 450 people are injured. The earthquake has also caused major damage to homes and infrastructure.

We are on the ground now in the Mirpur District. Help us provide urgent relief to those affected.

The situation on the ground

Families are trying to find safety in the midst of aftershocks. Many are in critical health conditions, and lack basic supplies just to survive.

Our team in Pakistan is currently in the affected areas, assessing the areas of most need and distributing quick impact relief efforts. Our efforts will include emergency shelter kits, hygiene kits and kitchen kits.

While the full extent of the damage is not yet known, Mirpur, Jatla, and the villages Manda and Afzalpur were among the worst affected areas. Some far-flung villages in Bhimber have reported injuries to people as well as small structural damages.

Your donation can provide them with immediate life-saving supplies, shelter and protection.

Help us reach the people of Pakistan today.