Palestine Emergency

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Palestine is facing its worst humanitarian crisis since the eight-day war of 2012.

Bombardments have killed over 160 people so far, and casualties are increasing every hour, with a least 570 wounded. 36 of the dead are children, and over 25,000 children have been left psychologically shaken due to injury, losing their homes or the death of family members. More than 940 houses have been destroyed or damaged, leaving around 5,600 people homeless, seeking shelter with friends and family.

Five health facilities have also been damaged by air strikes. Hospitals are running low on vital medical supplies and food for patients, while fuel for ambulances and hospital generators is scarce. Recently increased restrictions on the transportation of goods across borders are making the situation even more desperate.

Palestinian authorities are running low on vital medical supplies. Recently increased restrictions on the transportation of goods across the border are making the situation even more desperate  and fuel for ambulances is scarce. Islamic Relief’s Gaza office has been established since 1998, and we have a long history of supplying emergency relief in times of crisis, including 2009 and 2012 conflicts.

Please donate to our “Palestine Emergency Appeal” to support our work and help us provide vital aid to families in desperate need.

Islamic Relief staff in Palestine are highlighting the desperate need on the ground. There are immense food shortages in general but specifically for patients in hospitals and their families. Schools are being used to house people and have turned into food distribution centres.

0 trucks of food
0 hygiene kits
0 mattresses for displaced staff
0 children clothing kits
0 hot meals daily
0 family food packs

As the humanitarian crisis worsens, there is increasing need for medical aid and food aid. Islamic Relief is on the ground to rush in aid and assist those devastated and injured.

  • Medical aid for Al-Shifa hospital and other clinics
  • Food aid and Non-food items
  • Hygiene & Sanitation kits