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Your donation can help save a life.

In the face of intensifying conflict in Gaza, we’re on the ground now ready to respond. Help us provide lifesaving medical care in the coming days and weeks to those affected.

Due to ongoing staff shortages and lack of medical supplies, Gaza’s health system is under severe pressure.

*All donations to Gaza are Zakat eligible

Crisis in summary

Palestine, and Gaza in particular, continues to experience a critical humanitarian crisis.

As the violence escalates, so does the number of casualties. Access to basic services worsen day by day, and the recovery of communities remains severely threatened.

With homes destroyed and families torn apart,

too many are homeless and in need of urgent relief. Children have suffered unspeakable horrors and many are traumatized by the fear of living in a hostile environment.

Due to constant conflict and instability, poverty has gripped over 57% of the population. Access to basic services, including education, healthcare, electricity and clean water sources, has deteriorated drastically. Severe food insecurity has caused Palestinian mothers and children to be affected by chronic illnesses such as anemia, malnutrition, diabetes and hypertension.

As the humanitarian crisis persists, there is increasing need for medical and hospital supplies, food, clean water, energy, psychosocial and economic empowerment.

Help us now as we provide emergency aid, medical relief and psychosocial support.

*All donations to Gaza are Zakat eligible

Your Impact in Palestine