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Let’s rebuild their lives.

We were all touched by the devastating image of little Aylan Kurdi’s body being washed ashore on the boarder of Turkey. It caused for an international outcry to open the doors to refugees and those displaced from their own countries. The Canadian government positively responded by committing to welcome 25,000 refugees from places like Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and a host of other countries.

These families have lost their homes, wealth, family members and have seen the horrors of one of the most brutal conflicts to take place in the last century. It is our obligation to help. Islamic Relief Canada is providing newcomers with services which will help them settle, make a smooth transition, and overcome the challenges of arriving in a new country after such a devastating experience.

Please donate to our “Resettlement Fund” to allow us to continue delivering essential services for our newcomer brothers and sisters, who are now our new neighbours and families.

How is Islamic Relief Canada helping?

Upon conducting a needs assessment, we developed two areas of immediate action: 

1. Coordinating and partnering with community and settlement organizations to facilitate the implementation of programs and projects that provide meaningful supports to refugees (with a concentration on women, children, youth, and seniors).

2. Mobilize volunteers who can assist community organizations to secure transportation, translation, housing, employment and general support for newcomers. 

Current Resettlement Projects:

As Government Sponsored Refugee (GSRs) families move into permanent housing, they require essential bedding and linens to settle into their new home. While the community has mobilized to provide food and cleaning supplies, there is a great need for home textile products such as comforters, pillow cases, towels etc.

This gap is being filled by Islamic Relief Canada, as we are mobilizing volunteers to assemble and deliver welcome packages to Newcomer families settling in different regions within the GTA. Our staff has coordinated all aspects of securing adequate bedding and linens for over 500 individuals that were being housed across seven different hotels in Toronto. 

We are supporting a Muslim Food Bank in Hamilton, Ontario that caters to the dietary needs of ethnic minorities from the Middle East and Africa that other food banks don’t meet. Beneficiaries include newcomer and refugee families. The food bank is not limited to these minorities and accepts requests from a variety of individuals regardless of ethnic background, religious affiliation, gender etc.

In partnership with the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI), we are supporting this program which aims to help refugees coming from conflict zones to overcome challenges that could impact their integration journey. This program will build awareness in the community to help resolve conflict and develop coping strategies to maintain safety and harmony in the family.

Our contribution helps in employing a Safe Integration Worker who will be responsible for developing a support plan for a Newcomer individual/family who have been referred to the MRCSSI by a Settlement Counselor, Child Protection Workers, Family Counselor, or a Woman’s Advocate.

Our contribution to the Yukon College & World University Service Canada (WUSC) allows them to sponsor one Syrian student to achieve his educational goals by enrolling in one of Yukon College’s most competitive programs. Our financial support covers costs associated with basic living and academic costs such as rent, food, clothes, tuition fees, books and more for a minimum of twelve months.

We also offer social support, includes helping the sponsored student adapt to life in Canada and the Canadian education system. Our staff will welcome the sponsored student when he/she arrives, and ensure that the program will assist the student to settle in, help with registering for courses and accessing campus, health and other services. 

We provided over 80 welcome packages that included essential items like vitamins, blankets etc. and a list of resources to newcomer families in Hamilton, Toronto and Brantford.

We work in collaboration with several Registered Psychologists to provide bi-weekly counselling workshops and sessions to newcomers. Adults, and youth alike are more likely to experience many changes upon their arrival to Canada. Newcomers and refugees, alike, face several challenges when moving to a new country. Their experiences with war/conflict, past trauma and the possibility of inadequate resources upon moving here may affect their mental health immensely. Islamic Relief Canada arranges for a safe space for registered psychologists to provide psycho-social support to newcomers.