Syria Emergency Appeal

Deadly violence in Syria continues to worsen an already horrific humanitarian emergency.

For more than 1 million children at risk, this full on assault means brutal tragedy. Hospitals and infrastructure have been demolished, pushing civilians to their breaking point.

With nowhere to run to, the people of Syria feel forgotten by the world.

Give them hope in this dark time and help provide urgent relief.


can feed a family for a month



can provide living essentials



can give urgent medical aid



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8 tragic years of war in Syria continues on

More than half of Syria’s population depend on critical humanitarian aid to survive. An estimated 13.5 million Syrians require life-saving assistance.

The war in Syria has displaced 6 million people. Fleeing their homes, another 5 million people seek refuge in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.

UNRWA reports a 20-year decrease in life expectancy because of civil war. Syria has become the world’s largest source of refugees since 2011. Today, over half of Syria’s refugee population are under the age of 18.

Nobody deserves a life of horror and uncertainty. Joining together, we can begin restoring normalcy to their distress.

Islamic Relief is currently on the ground, providing food security and survival necessities. For the past 8 years, our ongoing support has also included shelter, medical and hospital supplies, and educational and psychosocial support for those in need.

Help us now as we continue to assist with humanitarian aid on the ground.

*All donations to Syria are Zakat eligible