Toronto-area humanitarian worker in Beirut to document relief efforts on the ground

Press Release

For immediate release:

Toronto-area humanitarian worker in Beirut to document relief efforts on the ground

A Toronto-area humanitarian worker is in Beirut, Lebanon to assess and document relief efforts by the Humanitarian Coalition and its local partners. The city of Beirut has been devastated by the explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020.

Ali Gilani is a well-known videographer in the Greater Toronto Area. He has traveled to Lebanon with two other Islamic Relief Canada staff members and, after self-isolating for two days as required, they will begin participating in and documenting relief efforts. Also joining them is prominent Lebanese-Canadian entrepreneur Mohamed Fakih. 

The Humanitarian Coalition is a group of Canada’s leading charities with pool resources and streamline their efforts to respond more effectively to humanitarian crises anywhere in the world. Until August 24, the Canadian government is matching all donations made to the Humanitarian Coalition for relief efforts in Lebanon, up to $5 million.

Staff from Islamic Relief Canada are part of the team travelling to Beirut and are available for media interviews in English. 

To arrange for interviews, pictures, videos and/or live footage, please contact Reyhana Patel at [email protected] or by calling 647-200-4662.

Richard Morgan from the Humanitarian Coalition says:

“Canadians have donated generously over the past week to help those on the ground in Lebanon. We want to ensure that donations are being used in the best possible ways. Our teams and partners on the ground are providing food, shelter, medicine, sanitary products and other items, and sending the message that the people of Lebanon are not alone during this difficult time.”

Alli Gilani from Islamic Relief Canada says:

“This past year has been an incredibly difficult one for the people of Lebanon and the explosion that occurred a little over a week ago has been devastating. As always,  Canadians are helping very generously. The Humanitarian Coalition and Islamic Relief are on the ground, distributing essential items to those who have been affected.”