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Right now, the world stands on the brink of unprecedented famines. Latest reports from the UN suggest acute hunger is alarmingly at a five-year high. 41 million people globally are at imminent risk of famine, experiencing critical hunger, severe levels of food insecurity, and malnutrition.

Countless people are already experiencing famine-like conditions in places like Afghanistan, South Sudan, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Yemen. Conflict and violence, climate change, and Covid-19, along with compounded economic shocks are driving the increase of hunger globally.

The world is starving, will you answer their call? Help us provide urgent relief now.

They are not a believer who fills their stomach while their neighbour goes hungry.
– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The Forgotten People of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been ravaged by conflict for decades, political insecurity, and a third wave of Covid-19 has left millions of people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Growing poverty and increasing food prices have further exacerbated the food insecurity that has left countless vulnerable people hungry.

The people of Afghanistan rely on rain-fed agriculture, livestock, and natural pastures as their source of livelihood. Now drought has left 14 million people facing a food crisis.

Islamic Relief is on the ground distributing food packs to those most in need. Your support will reach Afghanistan through immediate food supplies, saving countless on the verge of starvation. Every dollar you give increases the number of lives we can change, the number of children, women, and elderly we can save.

Famine threatens the very existence of communities all around the world


8 months of fighting in Ethiopia has put more than 5 million people at risk of famine. Over 2 million people have been displaced from their homes, and thousands have died. The levels of hunger faced by people in Northern Ethiopia is catastrophic.


Madagascar is facing the worst drought seen nationally in over 40 years. Over 1.3 million people are facing food insecurity, with 400,000 headed towards starvation.

Below-average rainfall has led to a drastic reduction in food production and declining livestock. Covid-19 had only exacerbated these conditions by increasing the price of staple food items, straining the healthcare system, and dwindling employment opportunities.

80% of the population has resorted to desperate survival measures to survive this ongoing drought, including the use of unsafe water leading to increased disease outbreaks.


The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria’s northeastern states remains one of the largest crises in the world. The rapidly deteriorating disaster has brought countless vulnerable people to the brink of starvation, with over 300,000 children suffering from malnutrition.

Due to violence, mass movements of people have disrupted the food supply and limited agriculture activity. The adverse effects of Covid-19, supply chain disruptions, high food prices, floods, and armed conflict have all worsened the food security situation.

9 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Without your help, the people of Nigeria face rapidly worsening conditions and a bleak future.

South Sudan

South Sudan is facing a humanitarian crisis coupled with severe food shortages. An estimated 7.2 million people are expected to be facing high levels of acute food insecurity.

The country has been struggling to recover from 5 years of conflict that has killed almost 400,000 people. As a result many communities have been displaced from their homes and unable to cultivate land. With little access to water and food, the situation is getting catastrophically worse for most of the population.


Years of conflict, economic decline, and the Covid-19 pandemic have devastated Yemen, leading it to become the world’s largest food crisis. 16.2 million people in the country have experienced acute food insecurity this year.

Almost 2.3 million children under the age of 5 are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition. 400,000 children could die if they do not receive urgent humanitarian assistance and treatment.

Islamic Relief is on the ground now

We are on the ground in every one of these countries, working to deliver aid. Every single day people are dealing with severe hunger, and millions now face widespread famine if nothing is done to help them.

By supporting Islamic Relief, you’ll be helping to feed families across the world and fight this global food crisis. Help us provide emergency support and work to ensure hunger no more for communities over the long-term. Your support will save lives.

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