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Market Fire in Hargeisa Results in $2 billion in Damages, Devastating Livelihoods and Families

A huge fire destroyed the central market in the capital of Somaliland. The fire started in Waheen market in Hargeisa on the night of Friday, April 1 and continued into Saturday morning as firefighters took several hours to bring the fire under control due to size, density and access to the market.

This has resulted in 28 injuries, the devastation of 500,000 to 700,000 livelihoods, $2 billion USD in damage, and an immense loss to the city’s economy.

The biggest open-air market in the city acted as the economic centre of Hargeisa, accounting for 40-50% of the city’s economy. As a cultural and economic hub of activity for the city’s 1.2 million population, the market was a lifeline for families who invested their livelihoods into their small businesses.

The fire comes amidst the first few hours of Ramadan, when the food business traditionally booms as Muslims gather to prepare meals and feast together as a community.

Somaliland is in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Food commodity prices have skyrocketed and an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 families remain devastated in the aftermath.

Islamic Relief is on the ground, responding through immediate financial aid to impacted businesses, and vulnerable families, as well as providing long term recovery support.

Please Donate Now. Together, we can help rebuild livelihoods.

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We need your immediate help to:

  • Provide financial support and recovery training to small-scale business holders
  • Ensure vulnerable households get enough food, water and basic necessities
  • Reconstruct the market and help rebuild livelihoods
  • Provide tools and training to help prevent fire incidents of this type in the future

Your support will additionally help the most vulnerable focus on long-term recovery through sustainable business management training and dignified multipurpose cash support.

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