Hurricane Mocha makes landfall in Rakhine State

Cyclone Mocha made landfall on May 14 in Myanmar’s Rakhine state after skimming the coastline of Bangladesh. The hurricane has cut off communications in the area, tore up makeshift shelters in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps and flooded the streets of Sittwe.

With over 24,000 people forced to evacuate their homes and thousands more trapped in low-lying areas, rescue operations are underway in a desperate bid to save lives.

Islamic Relief is responding and working with local partners in Myanmar and Bangladesh to provide urgent food, hygiene kits and shelter support.

Help us provide urgent relief and save lives today.

*Donations are Zakat eligible.

How you can help the people of Myanmar and Bangladesh

You can help families recover from the aftermath of hurricane Mocha by donating towards our life-saving work in communities across Myanmar and Bangladesh.

$65 can provide a hygiene kit
$150 can provide a family with food
$250 can provide emergency shelter

Every dollar you give means we can reach more children, women and the elderly who are not only impacted by the hurricane but those who continue to face hunger and poverty.

The situation in Myanmar and Bangladesh

Recurring natural disasters, armed conflict and violations of international humanitarian law have severely impacted access to basic essentials and services, leaving over 14.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance across Myanmar.

The Rohingya refugee crisis has resulted in 880,000 Rohingya refugees living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, exacerbating an already precarious situation.

Life is incredibly challenging across Myanmar and Bangladesh:

  • 20.5% of the Bangladesh population are living below the national poverty line
  • 1.35 million people in Myanmar are internally displaced, including 130,000 Rohingyas who are living in camps in the Rakhine state
  • It is estimated that by 2050, 1 in every 7 person in Bangladesh will be displaced by climate change
  • 15.2 million people in Myanmar are food insecure

Islamic Relief Canada’s Work in Myanmar and Bangladesh

Islamic Relief Canada works in the Rakhine and Kayin states of Myanmar, having supported 690,000 people to date. In Bangladesh, we are carrying out projects in 17 districts including Cox’s Bazar and Jamalpur, and have supported 1.5 million people to date.

Our work in both countries focus on livelihood support, providing education to orphans and vulnerable youth, facilitating access to water and distributing aid during emergencies.

We recognize the vulnerability of internally displaced people and the persecution of the Rohingyas, and are working alongside these communities in both Myanmar and Bangladesh to improve health and hygiene practices and enhance their socio-economic mobility through income earning opportunities.

Your support for the Rohingya people and those impacted by natural disasters in Myanmar and Bangladesh is helping our teams to deliver vital food, hygiene and shelter support. Donate today and help save more lives.

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