About Modest Wear

Modest Wear carries a variety of beautifully handpicked and designed evening gown dresses. They offer a wide selection of colours, sizes, and styles that suit all women’s taste and style. Find an outfit for all special occasions including Eid, Ramadan, prom, graduation, engagement, nikkah, walimah and wedding! You can easily find the perfect gown for your style.


Modest Wear Canada Collaboration with Islamic Relief Canada

$5 from each dress sale online and in-store will be donated to Islamic Relief Canada!
To look good while feeling good, shop their collection here: modestwearcanada.com

“We just woke up one morning and decided that we wanted to donate something on a regular basis and what better way than this?” – Yalda and Ajmal from Modest Wear

That’s when Modest Wear Canada got in touch with Islamic Relief Canada. Now thanks to their generous support, the donations from Modest Wear Canada are going towards supporting the Orphan Support Program.


Orphan Support Program

We don’t believe in simply providing short term care to provide for children and orphan’s basic needs.
Instead, we invest in children’s long-term futures, supporting their families, careers, and local communities to provide long-lasting, safe, sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality!

When Modest Wear’s ongoing donations will help transform an orphans life by raising funds for a collective fund to:

  • Provide rainy-day support for unexpected expenses
  • Improve children’s family’s stability
  • Help provide sustainable development for an entire community

Last year, our program reached an incredible milestone of 20,010 orphans! Your generosity will show them that they are not alone!

They ask you as to what they should spend. Say: “Whatever good you spend should be for parents, kinsmen, orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, Allah is all-aware of it.” (Quran 2:215)

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