Turkey Bike Challenge

Immerse yourself in this historic and beautiful bike tour of the Ottoman Empire, one of the most robust and long-lasting dynasties in history.

This challenge takes you on an 8 day journey across Turkey visiting some of the most magnificent mosques in the world and learning about the rich Islamic history.

Do not be fooled though as this is not a light site-seeing bike tour.

You will be biking 40-50 km a day with some days being mostly uphill terrain.

It is definitely a challenge, but one of the most rewarding and memorable trips you will ever be a part of!

  • Islamic Relief will pay for: In-country transfers, tour guide from Andalucian Routes, bike rental, all accommodations, all meals, transport/support vehicles, entrance fees for all excursions
  • Not Included: flights, additional drinks and refreshments, costs incurred for any extended stay
  • Date: September 13th – 21st 2018
  • Registration: Covered by Islamic Relief
  • Fundraising Target: $3,000
  • Deadline for Registration: August 1st 2018
  • Note: Only 6 spots are available and places are available on a first-come-first-serve basis If you have any questions, please email challenges@islamicrelief.ca

Difficulty level: STRENUOUS
Biking 40-50 KM a day, need to train and be prepared for this challenge

Day 1 – Arrive in Istanbul

5 hour drive to transfer to Eskasehir. Overnight in Eskasehir.

Day 2 – Trekking day in Eskasehir

5-6 hours trek.

Day 3 – Transfer to Syed Gazi

Visit Karacasehir  – Outside visit as it is closed for visiters, Karacahisar Mosque (khutbah by Dursun Fakih to Osman Bey as a leader of Ottomans)Kursunlu Mosque .Then retrieve bikes and cycke 43km to get back to Eskasehir. Overnight in Eskasehir. Cycling on this day will include a steady incline to 290m.

Day 4 – Eskasehir to Sogut

THIS IS A TOUGH CYCLING DAY. We will be cycling 50km but it is very difficult as inclines are steep and regular, with a 450m incline. Visit Ertugrul Gazi Tomb, Ertugrul Gazi Fountains, Ertugrul Gazi Museum, Hamidiye Idadisi (Military School) & Hamidiye Mosque & Medrese Overnight in Sogut.

Day 5 – Sogut to Osmaneli

Cycling 50km on a steep, mostly downhill terrain. You will need to be careful and experienced with downhill terrain as this can be dangerous. Overnight in Osmaneli.

Day 6 – Osmaneli to Nicea

Cycling 32km on a steep steady incline to a height of 320m followed by a lot of downhill into Nicea. Visit Smaller Hagia Sophia Mosque, Nilufer Hatun Imaret (Museum), Green Mosque, City Walls & 4 Main Gates, Senatus Palace on the Shore of Nicea Lake, Old Tile Workshops (Archeological site), and Ottoman Mosques and Hamams. Overnight in Nicea.

Day 7 – Transfer to Istanbul

Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 8 – Full day of visits in Istanbul

Visits include: Blue Mosque & Islamic Art Museum, Hippodrome and monuments, Hagia Sophia Museum, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace (Holy Relics), Eyub el Ensari Mosque & Tomb, Arab Mosque &, Underground Mosque, Spice Market. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 9 – Transfers to the airport.

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