National Day of Action 

Seek Laylatul Qadr during the last ten nights of Ramadan.– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Join us on the eve of the 27th Night of Ramadan with our beloved teachers for a program filled with spiritual inspiration, good deeds and a chance to send our support to those most in need. Check out our resources below to make the most of the blessed night.

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 Going live on May 19th, 9:30pm EST

Going live on May 19th, 9:30pm EST

 Going live on May 21st, 7pm PST

Going live on May 21st, 7pm PST

Prepare and make the most of this blessed night

Recite these Duas for Forgiveness

by Maulana Tariq Jameel

by Imam Khalid Latif

by Ustadh Amjad Tarsin

Multilingual Dua

Immerse yourself in the recitation of the Quran

Read the Quran with reciters across Canada

Zakat Calculator
Learn more about your responsibility and check to see how much you owe this year, then plan out how you’d like to pay it. You can get started online and read up on any FAQ here!

Give Your Zakat
Your Zakat fights poverty through sustainable change, and provides immediate emergency aid. In the face of hunger or conflict, it helps break the cycle of poverty.

Pay Zakat al Fitr
We may not have congregational Eid al-Fitr prayers but you can still pay your Zakat al-Fitr to help feed someone in need. This year it’s $10/person.

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