Looking for creative ways to get involved? We’ve got you covered! Our of Hall of Inspiration showcases our volunteers’ unique initiatives for some of our humanitarian causes.

Gather inspiration by scrolling through their stories, pictures, and the impact they made to jumpstart your volunteering journey with us today!

Keys of Hope

In 2015, one of our youngest volunteers, Sanaz, decided to use her skill of beadwork to help those in need. Sanaz created a crowdfunding page, made dozens of beaded keychains, and sold them to raise money for orphans around the world. Sanaz was able to raise $1,000 to support orphans around the world. An incredibly inspiring story to showcase how you can put your skills to good use for a greater purpose.

Ride for Lebanon

Meet this amazing group of high school friends who reached out to Islamic Relief Canada. They were troubled by the explosion in Lebanon and wanted to host a fundraising challenge for the people trying to recover from the Beirut blast. On their own, they came up with a 10km Bike Challenge around their town of Wellesley, Ontario. Then they signed up as a team to ride together and got their whole community, even Mayor Joe Nowak, involved to help raise awareness and funds for Lebanon!

Thank you to everyone who initiated and supported this cause! You inspire all of us! 💙

Ride for Yemen

@onebrotherhood_ is a non-profit organization that works to unite Muslim youth across the GTA by connecting them with meaningful work and positive change. They came together to raise over $25,000 for Yemen through IRC! What a great accomplishment by a dedicated group of people! To show our appreciation, we presented them with a plaque to commemorate their dedication and efforts. We had a total of 109 volunteers from across 4 cities attend!

Lemonade Stand

After attending one of IRC’s Volunteer Appreciation Events, a group of bright students were inspired to organize a Lemonade for Lebanon campaign in their neighbourhood. They set their goal to raise $150 by setting up a table on one of their front lawns. They sold lemonade and cupcakes to all their neighbours and passersby and surpassed their goals by raising a total of $900, Mash’Allah!

IRC Inspire – Sarajevo, Bosnia 2019

Nour El-Nader – Sarajevo Reflection

Bosno moja, divna, mila | Oh my wonderful, dear Bosnia

After a long journey from Canada, arriving to the blissful city of Sarajevo felt that I never left home. The city, so vibrant, yet so quiet, leaves a cheerful, joyous feeling behind. Yet a chilling, sorrowful weight suddenly is dropped on ones shoulders knowing the bloodshed of the past century. Knowing the history of the war that tore the country apart, separated families and resulted in the death of many remain evident as bullet marks in the walls of some buildings, but also in the hearts of those who lost their loved ones.

Lijepa, gizdava | Beautiful, gorgeous

While they may have not experienced the war, the orphans I met at through the Inspire Program have some way or another been impacted by it through the generational trauma that lives on. Yet with all these experiences, the children and youth who have been deprived of the love of one of their parents or both demonstrated to me the wealth of compassion and affection they have in them that they were ready to give. The wells of resilience and strength that they have in them showed me that through every hardship comes ease – a living definition of the Quranic verse [94:6]. Through the daily hugs, laughter, and tears, strong friendships were made. I picked up a few sentences in Bosnian, and the children picked up a few sentences in English. Yes, our linguistic communication was broken, but our heart-to-heart communication was far more fluent.

U tebi je Sarajevo | Inside you is Sarajevo
Šeher sevdaha | The City of sevdah

Sarajevo opened my eyes to the opportunities I have in life. Sarajevo made my daily life issues appear so small and worriless. Sarajevo made me grateful for what I have. Sarajevo made me thankful of the security I live in. But above all, the children of Sarajevo showed me what content means in every aspect of life, and to enjoy every little moment there is to spend.

Volim te, Sarajevo.

IR Dalhousie

Mustafa Syed – Personal Reflection

Volunteering with Islamic Relief Canada has been an invaluable experience through which I have gained valuable skills, made incredible memories and developed life-long friendships. I came into this opportunity with the sole intention of helping others, but I found that it benefitted me as well in so many ways.

Volunteering with IRC taught me vital leadership and outreach skills that I apply everyday in studies and my work life. It also introduced me to a network of talented and supportive volunteers, all working towards advocating for those in need across the world, from battle-torn areas with our Cupcakes for Yemen campaign to helping members of my own local community through our Winter kits project. Volunteering with IRC is the highlight of my year, every year, and I recommend everyone become involve with their local chapter so they too can have these incredible experiences and work to bring a positive change in the world.

Family Fundraiser

Here’s a really sweet story you! This family in Markham was really touched by the crisis in Yemen – so they reached out to us asking how they can help. After a few ideas, they decided to do a fundraiser within their networks, inviting friends and family to donate for Yemen. And all together, they raised $60,000 for Yemen! We were so touched by their commitment and achievement we gave them a plaque to honour their generosity. May Allah (SWT) accept from them all!

Chai for Change

One thing we always tell our volunteers is that we love to have them at our events, but we love their event ideas too! So, we encourage volunteers to run their own initiatives and we’ll help them with anything they need.

This is where the idea of 🫖Chai for Change 🫖 came up. We wanted to create our version of a lemonade stand. Alif Ashraf, President of Muslim Student Association at Riverdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto ran the campaign with her team. In just one evening, they raised over $600 for Covid-19 vaccines for Palestine and Yemen! Thank you Alif for your dedication to the cause – may all your efforts be accepted!

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