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can feed a family for a month
can provide urgent medical aid
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We believe in Allah.

In His beautiful promise of surely, with difficulty comes ease” (Qur’an, 94:5).

Every day we see the truth of this. Because even in the face of the pandemic, you donated generously and without any hesitation, bringing ease to those you do not even know.


We believe in the power of love.

With open hands and hearts, you helped us respond to over 15 emergencies, bring Covid-19 relief to over 175,000 people, provide ongoing care to 17,000 orphans, and reach over 600,000 people through your Zakat. 

In this most difficult year, you saved the lives of more than 1.5 million people – subhanAllah!

We believe in not giving up.

This Ramadan, our obligation to those in need will not stop. We will do our utmost to continue to bring relief with integrity and dignity to those who desperately await our help.

We rely on Allah’s mercy and blessings, remembering that it is He alone who grants relief from distress.


We Are One

We believe in the words of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who said:

The likeness of the believers in regard to mutual love, mercy, and kindness is that of a body. When any part aches, the whole body aches. (Bukhari and Muslim)

So most of all, we need you to keep believing. Join us on this exciting journey and follow your donation.

Follow Your Donation

Did you know you can follow where your donations go?

Watch our video series where we help you see the impact of your donations, the people you’ve helped, and all the incredible stories that happen along the way.

Covid-19 Can’t Stop Us

The Heart of Lebanon

Life Begins With Water

‘Raise’ Your Daughters

Smiles in Tripoli

Father of Orphans

Latest Reports

Get an in-depth understanding of our work in specific countries by reading our latest reports.

The Journey of Your Donation


We work with the poorest of the poor and those who are most vulnerable in the face of conflict and disaster.

Needs Assessment

Our case workers, staff and volunteers in our field offices around the world are trained to do a careful needs assessment and ensure equity between our beneficiaries.

Project Proposal

The field offices carefully put together project proposals to meet the needs of our beneficiaries, and submit them to Islamic Relief Worldwide to request funding.


Throughout the year, and especially in Ramadan, Islamic Relief Canada collects Zakat and donations to continuously fund projects that assist the poorest of the poor.

Sending Funds

Once donations are collected, we allocate funds to those project proposals by wiring the money to Islamic Relief Worldwide to send to the field offices for immediate implementation.

Your Donation in Action

Your support reaches our beneficiaries in the form of emergency aid, medical care, school tuition, water wells, community gardens, shelter, nutrition, and so many other forms of hope.

Your Impact

Once our beneficiaries receive your support, our work is not over with them. We make sure they continue to receive other forms of support, until they are self-sufficient.

Your Donations are in Safe Hands

For every 1 cent that we spend on fundraising, we raise an additional 10 cents, that’s an extra 90 cents on top of your $1.

Your donation is almost doubled!

For every $1 we spend:

  • $0.89 goes directly into helping people in need
  • $0.03 towards administrative costs
  • $0.08 to raise more funds

For every $1 we use for fundraising, we raise $10 more.

Are donations used effectively?

It costs money to deliver aid and to do it well, ensuring the people who need it most receive the best possible support and ensuring that money goes to where it is needed.

Islamic Relief ensures that it gets the best value for money to help deliver aid on the ground as well as raising more funds for the people who need it the most.

Islamic Relief believes in transparency and accountability. Information on admin costs and annual financial statements are readily available on our website. Our financial statements are independently verified and audited.

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