Are you ready?

If you could do the past year over, what would you do differently to make the year truly count? If only there was a way you could magically know then what you know now… you would have done so much more.

Indeed they say: “hindsight is 20/20”. So that’s why we made a new year’s kit just for you and called it the Hindsight 2020 Kit.

No more looking back with uncertainty or regret.

Forget resolutions that last 2 weeks. It’s the year 2020! We’ve gotchu.

Simply click below and your Hindsight 2020 Kit will be right in your inbox! No strings attached.

We’re not asking you for anything, this is our new year’s gift to you. Time to get ahead.

It’s a kit for all the things

  • the new year
  • your next vacation
  • your dinner parties
  • being a better Muslim
  • Ramadan
  • those late night duas
  • reaching your goals
  • and celebrating all those big life moments

Transform your ordinary into purposeful and life-changing, and make 2020 your best year yet.


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