Islamic Relief Canada is appalled at the deaths and injuries across the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel in recent days. The death toll is rising rapidly, and more than a quarter

We call for an immediate end to the violence and for international humanitarian laws during conflict to be upheld. Civilians and civilian infrastructure must never be targeted, and excessive and disproportionate force must not be used. The proportion of civilian casualties during recent days, including many children, shows that these laws are not being respected.

“Palestinians have been suffering for too long, and the international community has largely remained silent. We urge the Canadian government to speak out against violations of humanitarian laws, and to use its influence to demand an end to the recent violence, the long-term blockade in Gaza, and the occupation,” says Zaid Al-Rawni, CEO of Islamic Relief Canada.

Everyone – regardless of religion or ethnicity – has the right to live in safety and dignity, and to have their fundamental human rights upheld. We believe that this will not ultimately be possible until there is an end to the occupation, and a lasting solution rooted in justice and upholding international law.

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