Mrs. Naseem Mithoowani is an experienced and renowned lawyer in Canada. She holds a BA in French language and literature from McMaster university. Apart from her work as a lawyer, she also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School where she got her degree in law, as well as a part-time adjudicator at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

She is known for her courageous and bold approach to challenge the treatment of minorities in Canada and has won high profile legal cases in recent years. In addition to her exemplary legal work in defending minorities and underrepresented communities, she is also an active member of several community, political and religious organizations.

Dr. Hany El-Banna, Chair of the Islamic Relief Canada board shares, “We are delighted to have Naseem as a new addition to our board as she brings with her a wealth of experience in community relations and legal expertise, that will definitely enhance the effectiveness of our board and enrich the diversity we deeply need and value.”

Mrs. Mithoowani shares her enthusiasm, “I am honoured and privileged to join the Islamic Relief Canada board and look forward to positively contributing and adding value to the organization. I also look forward to learning how best to serve the most needy people in the world, including those who live Canada.”

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