Islamic relief is on the ground in Beirut, Lebanon

Press Release

For immediate release:

Islamic relief is on the ground in Beirut, Lebanon 

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Beirut planning and preparing a humanitarian response from the explosion that took place yesterday.

Islamic Relief Lebanon Country Director, Nidal Ali, said: 

“All of us in Beirut are still in shock after yesterday’s explosion. I was at home and the glass doors of our balcony shattered – at first we thought it was an earthquake.

This is yet another tragedy for a country that is already deep in crisis on multiple fronts. The economy is the worst it has been in decades, with nearly half the population living below the poverty line and 35% of people out of work. Many of Lebanon’s population are refugees who have struggled for a long time. But now even middle class families have been fighting to put food on the table. For nearly a year, all people have been concerned with, ‘how am I going to eat tomorrow?’

In October last year, we had to put all our long-term programmes on hold and prioritized food parcels as the economic crisis became a humanitarian emergency.

‘This was all before the corona virus pandemic brought the world to a standstill earlier this year. Lebanon has seen a spike in cases over recent weeks, and hospitals are overrun “

Islamic Relief has been on the ground in Lebanon over the last few years providing food, water and shelter to those in need. The blast destroyed Beirut’s seaport which means food imports have ceased. The charity is looking at long-term needs and putting together a response plan that will help millions of people who have been affected by the blast. 

To set up an interview  with Nidal Ali who is in Lebanon, please contact [email protected]