Never Miss Laylatul Qadr 

Schedule and automate your donations with My Ten Nights

Seek Laylatul Qadr during the last ten nights of Ramadan.– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

For the night that is greater than 1000 months, one act of charity can be worth a lifetime of service to humanity.

Start your daily donations in these ten nights, and strive to guarantee your Laylatul Qadr this year by giving a little every night.

We bring to you My Ten Nights, a tool that allows you to automate your charitable donations during the last ten nights of Ramadan.

This will allow you to concentrate on Ibadah and your time alone with Allah (SWT). With your Sadaqah and Zakat taken care of, you’ll never miss Laylatul Qadr!

How does it work?

Scheduling your donations is super easy – simply launch My Ten Nights by clicking the button above and get started. It’s just three simple steps:

1. Choose your cause

2. Schedule your donations

3. Complete your transaction

And khalas! You can now relax knowing that you donations will be made automatically, ensuring you don’t miss giving on the sacred Night of Power.

Schedule your donations today.


Zakat Calculator
Learn more about your responsibility and check to see how much you owe this year, then plan out how you’d like to pay it. You can get started online and read up on any FAQ here!

Pay Fidya/Kaffara
These solutions can help expiate not fasting or breaking other obligations. The paying of fidya/kaffara also benefits members of the community who live in impoverished conditions.

Pay Zakat al Fitr
We may not have congregational Eid al-Fitr prayers but you can still pay your Zakat al-Fitr to help feed someone in need. This year it’s $10/person.