Mahmoud Doula's Story

Mahmoud Doula was once an orphan sponsored by Islamic Relief Canada. Now he’s a successful Arabic teacher, a loving husband, and a doting father.

Living happily among his parents and four brothers, Mahmoud never imagined what would come of his life. In nothing short of a few moments, Mahmoud lost his father and his grandparents. His mother, then a widow, remarried. Mahmoud was left without a home — with no shelter — at the tender age of four. He then moved to an orphanage to live among other children.

In 2003, when he was six years old, Islamic Relief chose to sponsor him. The Child Welfare Program became a turning point in his life. He started to receive clothes for Eid and school. He also received health checkups, psychosocial support, and job creation opportunities with skill-building. Islamic Relief’s main mandate is not just to provide monetary, temporary solutions — but rather restore dignity through opportunities. 

Because of our support — and the unwavering help of Allah — Mahmoud was able to face life like a normal child. Despite his pain, he persisted to build himself up and resume his education. He finished his high school education and then went on to pursue a university degree — which he graduated from with excellent grades. 

I couldn’t have achieved my dream in education and entering university without IR sponsorship which assisted me to pay tuition fees

After his education, Mahmoud got a temporary job through Islamic Relief. This job helped him to manage his daily needs. Soon after, he got a permanent job in a UNRWA school to work as a teacher. After saving, he got married — pursuing his ultimate dream of building a happy family. His wife had been an abandoned orphan sponsored by Islamic Relief too. Together, they had a son whom they give their love and care to — the same love they wished for as children.

A little support helps enormously to build the life of an orphan in need. But it doesn’t stop there. We, at Islamic Relief, want more children like Mahmoud to prosper. Our newly implemented scholarship fund for orphans will give them more after they reach the sponsorship-ending age of eighteen. A little known fact is that the late teenage years are amongst the most vulnerable for orphaned children — as they usually are forced to choose between work and continuing their education. Unfortunately, very few have the opportunity to become more successful through further education — and Mahmoud was one of the lucky ones.

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