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Masjid Al Ommah al islamiah a été fondé en novembre 1982. Nous avons loué des places de prière pendant plusieurs années, et nous avons finalement acheté notre immeuble en novembre 1995.Depuis nos débuts, nos portes sont ouvertes à tous. Nous proposons différents services: contrat de mariage, divorce, nous aidons les personnes dans le besoin et donnons des conseils sur plusieurs questions. Nous sommes en partenariat avec un supermarché local où les personnes dans le besoin peuvent faire leur épicerie et nous couvrons les dépenses.

Masjid Al Ommah al islamiah was founded in November 1982. After renting space to pray, we finally bought our own building in November 1995. Since its beginning our doors were open to everyone. We offer different services: marriage contract, divorce, we help people in need and give advice on several issues. We are partnered with a local supermarket where people in need can go buy their groceries and we cover the expense.

The overwhelming spread of the coronavirus across the globe is causing understandable alarm.

It has multiplied so rapidly, claiming lives and depleting resources, crippling global markets and healthcare sector, and has brought many activities we take for granted to a grinding halt, including the closure of our beloved Masjids.

In these unprecedented times and in the advent of Ramadan, we recognize that now, more than ever, our community needs us to come together to support one another. Our Masjids have always been the first to support Islamic Relief’s life-saving work overseas, and now is the time for us to ensure they receive the support they need to continue serving the community and helping the believers build a connection with their Lord and their faith.

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