Be a part of Canadian Muslim History

Help rebuild the Quebec City mosque

“Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of God, God will build for them a house in Paradise.”

Where hate came to destroy our faith, let’s build a fortress of hope and love.

We are calling on Muslims across Canada to join us in rebuilding the Quebec City mosque and marking it as a place that Canadians should never forget…a place that Muslims all over the world should never forget.

The Quebec City mosque is the place where on January 29, 2017, a lone gunman with a heart filled with hate massacred Muslim worshippers gathered for evening prayers.

Six men were lost that night, seventeen children were left without their fathers, and many more people were injured. An entire community was shattered while the rest of the country, the rest of the world, joined them to mourn the worst massacre at a house of worship in Canada’s history.

The shooter was hoping to destroy more than lives that night – he wanted to extinguish Muslim presence in Canada.

He did not succeed. His actions spurred Muslims across Canada to come together, to hold more tightly to their faith, and to stand tall and proud of who we are as Muslims, as Canadians.

The Quebec City mosque holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians, lets help it rebuild and stand tall as the beacon of hope and light that it is.


Our Vision

With your help, the Quebec City mosque will become a historical site of national and global significance.

Inshallah, once completed, this is what your visit to the Quebec City mosque will look like:

As you approach the entrance, you would be struck by the beautiful simplicity of the building with a minaret standing tall alongside our neighbour’s Church tower.

The small garden that you walk through between the church and the mosque will be home to a monument with six pillars, representing the six lives that were lost – bringing you into the mindset of entering a house of God, of entering a house of worship of historical significance.

As you walk through the large, fortified doors of the mosque you would see a welcoming space for worshippers and visitors alike – Muslims and non-Muslims.

A plaque honouring the beautiful lives that were lost at this house of worship would immediately remind you of the blessing of being able to be in the mosque on that day.

Visitors would be taken on a tour of the mosque so they can learn about its story of tragedy and resilience.

As they walk through the mosque, they would hear the voices of the children of our community at Sunday school, or the sounds of our youth working on a charitable project, or the adhaan as worshippers fill the rows.

All reminders of the resilience of Canadian Muslims, as we hold the mosque closer to our hearts than ever before.


Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $1.2 million to:

– Secure the mosque so that worshippers and visitors feel safe

– Expand the mosque to include a welcoming space for visitors and school field trips who want to learn more about Islam and Muslims, as well as the January 29 incident

– Building a minaret to signify that this mosque stands tall and proud, despite the hate and Islamophobia that it experienced


Where your donations will go:

$200,000 towards installing secure windows and doors

$500,000 going towards building and infrastructure

$500,000 towards finishing, heating and cooling, walls, bricks, and the minaret.

Thank you for standing with the Quebec City Muslims and for demonstrating that Islamophobia will never put out the light of Islam. Our faith will continue to shine brightly for generations to come in every corner of this earth, insha’Allah.

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funded of $700,000

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