Press Release

Friday, January 26, 2018


One year on – the families of the Quebec Mosque shooting respond with resilience and love

As Canadians come together this weekend to commemorate the anniversary of the Quebec City mosque attack, Islamic Relief is calling for all Canadians to stand up to hate and bigotry.

In an Op-Ed published today in The National Observer, the charity reflects on its recent visit to Quebec City – where they met with the families of the six men killed in the mosque shooting a year ago.

The charity wants to highlight the stories of the six widows and their challenges over the last year – the biggest change for them, of course, was becoming single-parent families who have lost their major breadwinner.

Head of Public Relations, Reyhana Patel says:

A source of inspiration is the strength of the survivors, the six women and seventeen children who lost husbands and fathers in the space of a few terrifying seconds a year ago Monday.

On the anniversary of the attack, we should take time to consider the women and children who continue to live the real life consequences of deep hate and violence. The slow recovery of their lives and sense of security – alongside their emphatic rejection of any further hatred and division – is, quite simply, the most compelling response to the tragic shooting of last year.

Islamic Relief Canada launched a national appeal for the Quebec mosque shooting victims – raising just over $400, 000 – which went directly to the victims families. The NGO also teamed up with Paramount Fine Foods CEO, Mohammed Fakih who covered all the funeral costs and mosque repairs.


Spokespersons available for interviews in Quebec City, Toronto and Montreal. Please contact [email protected]