Support for Canadian Evacuees

Supporting Canadians Returning from Gaza

Many Canadians remain trapped in Gaza during this terrifying time of bombardment. As a group of organizations across Canada working with NCCM, we are united in helping these individuals and families return home. If you have family or a loved one who needs to come home from Gaza, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible. 

Request for Privacy and Confidentiality

The families have requested that unless they give express permission, that media outlets as well as elected officials respect the privacy of all returning Canadians from Gaza when they land. It is important to note that many of them have just been through extraordinarily difficult circumstances and it is not appropriate to turn that moment into a photo op. 

How We’re Responding

Phase 1: Immediate Arrival Support

In the first 7 days upon arrival, individuals and families who have returned will be greeted by a primary point of contact who will coordinate logistics and familiarize themselves with their needs. This will include the company of a translator or someone who speaks Arabic to facilitate the support. 

Based on the needs of families —which can include safe accommodation, basic needs, financial support and medical care— our organizations as well as local professional support will be mobilizing to complete check-ins, assessments and provide immediate support. 

Phase 2: Long Term Resettlement Support 

We will be working to ensure that each individual or family is then assigned over to local agencies who will work to support their needs. We will continue to liaise with these agencies to ensure they have adequate resources to fulfill these efforts, as well as complete our own check-ins with the families. 

It is important to note that although the returning families and individuals hold Canadian citizenship, there are many who have been away from Canada for a number of years now and do not have relatives or living arrangements in Canada. Many have little to no resources after escaping horrific circumstances, and will need resettlement support to build a life and home back in Canada.

How to Get Involved

Your organization can help! We are looking for organizations who can partner with us to provide any of the following support: 

  • Funding support

  • Medical support

  • Meals & clothing

  • Contacts for immediate accommodations 

  • Contacts for local agencies 

  • Taking lead for implementing this response in your city

If you’d like to get involved with Phase 1 or Phase 2 of this response, please fill out the following form to identify the type of support you’re able to provide. 

Organizations Supporting This Response