Reciters from all across Canada came together to do a khatm of the Quran.

You can listen to beautiful recitations from the Quran Juz by Juz every day, recited by the voices from our local mosques across Canada! You can tune into this all 30 juz from Spotify or YouTube!

Juz 1
Sh. Huzaifah Khan

Juz 2
Qari Idris Ingar

Juz 3
Qari Abdul Basit

Juz 4
Sh. Hosam Helal

Juz 5
Qari Abdul Majid Noor

Juz 6
Imam Jamac Hareed

Juz 7
Imam Abdelaziz

Juz 8
Sh. Salar Rasoul

Juz 9
Qari Abdul Rahman

Juz 10
Sh. Abdul Basit

Juz 11
Qari Idris Ingar

Juz 12
Sh. Abdul Basit

Juz 13
Qari Haaris Akhtar

Juz 14
Qari Abdul Majid Noor

Juz 15
Qari Isa Forde

Juz 16
Qari Mahmoud Tharaya

Juz 17
Hafidh Nabeel Mansuri

Juz 18
Sh. Ahmad Badawi

Juz 19
Hafiz Wafiq Syed

Juz 20
Sheikh Abu Kudus

Juz 21
Hafiz Wafiq Syed

Juz 22
Qari Haris Akhtar

Juz 23
Hafidh Nabeel Mansuri

Juz 24
Sh. Ahmad Badawi

Juz 25
Imam Jamac Hareed

Juz 26
Qari Isa Forde

Juz 27
Sh. Mahmoud Khalifa

Juz 28
Qari Mahmoud Tharaya

Juz 29
Sh. Owais Hikmat

Juz 30
Imam Hosam Helal

Reciter Bios

Sh Huzaifah Khan currently serves as Director of Religious Affairs/Imam at ICCM (Milton). Previously he has served as Director of Religious Affairs/Imam at ISNA Canada from 2007 to 2019. He also served as Imam and teacher at the Islamic Society of Wichita Kansas from 2004 to 2007.

Sh Huzaifah Khan completed the memorization of the Quran in 1994 and has been leading every year since 1997 at various Masjids across North America. He has also completed courses in Arabic, Tajweed, and Islamic Studies from reputable institutes in Canada and the UK.

Sheikh Idris Ingar completed hifz at Islamic Foundation of Toronto under the guidance of Qari Umer Farooq who is the Imaam at Masjid Darus Salaam. He then went on to do a 7 year Alim Program at Darul Uloom Zakariyya in South Africa and graduated in 2017.

He has studied extensively in the field of qirat and has studied the 10 Qiraat and received Ijaazah from Qari Ayyub Essack. He is currently teaching Tajweed, Qiraa’at and Hifz classes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Sheikh Abdul Basit Kazi graduated from Hifz in 2005 at a very young age. He then went on to complete his Aalim and Qiraat Program at Darul Uloom Zakariyya in 2013.

He has also studied the 10 Qiraat and received Ijaazah from Qari Ayyub Essack

He is currently Imam at one of the Masjids in Toronto and his imparting his knowledge of the Quran on others.

Imam Hosam Helal currently serves as the Youth Counsellor and Educator at ISNA Canada. Associate Chaplain at the University of Brock and an Imam/Teacher at several Masajid in Ontario.

Imam Hosam completed his Islamic education in Quran exegesis at Al-Azhar University and studied under the guidance of several Shyookh including his father, Shaykh Ibrahim Helal, an instructor at Al-Azhar. He also completed his education in Health & Disease, Near & Middle Eastern Civilization, Sociology, and Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. Now he continues his schooling at the University of Toronto, hoping to complete a PhD in Religion, with a focus on Quran exegesis. Imam Hosam Helal is also pursuing a career in medicine, hoping to combine medical and religious service for his community.

By the blessing of Allah SWT and with the help of his mother, Shaykh Hosam Helal memorized the Quran at the age of eight and has since received several Ijazahs in its various recitation styles. Currently, he is working on his Ijazahs in the ten Riwayat or recitation variants

Qari Abdul Majid Noor is a well known Canadian Qari who is famous around the world. He has participated in international Quran competitions in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Malaysia. He won second position in the international Quran competition in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. He travels to different countries to recite Quran.

He was awarded the president’s award for pride of performance, the highest civil award from the president of Pakistan. He is official reciter of Pakistan television, Radio Pakistan and provincial assembly of Punjab. He has masters digree in Library and information science from university of Punjab.

Imam Jamac Osman Hareed was born and raised in Somalia. At the age of 11, he had memorized the Quran and started to lead Taraweeh at the age of 12. Many years later, he went on to join the institute of Darul Uloom Newcastle, South Africa.

He completed the Six-year Alim Fadhil Course offered at the institute and graduated in December 2003. Furthermore, Imam Jamac spent four years studying Arabic literature in Yemen and has attained one of the highest Ijazas (Degree) for the Quran.

Imam Jamac specializes in nine fields of knowledge including; Quranic Sciences and Exegesis, Principle of Quranic Exegesis, Principals of Hadith and Prophetic Traditions, Hadith and Hadith Terminology, Islamic Jurisprudence, the Beliefs, Arabic Literature, and Rhetoric, History of Islam, and Arabic Grammar and Morphology.

Currently, Imam Jamac resides in Edmonton, Alberta and is an active member of the community.

Qari Abdelaziz Eldeeb was born in 1988 in Egypt. He completed the memorization of the Holy Quran at age 10 and received Ijazah in Tajweed and recitations from the Institute of Recitations in Bahna. He went on to pursue a degree in the recitations of the Holy Quran (qira2aat) and Quranic science from the prestigious university of Al-Azhar.

Qari Abdelaziz is certified in the 10 modes recitation of the Holy Quran (Qira’at). He was awarded first place in:
The international Quran competition of Jordan and The Khorafy Quran competition in Egypt. He has taught Quran, recitations, and Arabic in many countries. Currently, he lives in Oakville with his wife and children

Sh. Rasoul has been in the dawa and education field since 2005. He has been serving as ISNA High School Principal since 2009. He is a teacher, a leader, and an active contributor to the community. He has memorized the Qur’an and learned Islam under many scholars including his father, Sh Sebghatollah Rasoul.

He is currently completing his Bachelors of Islamic Studies from Mishkah University. He conveys his knowledge through khutbas and halaqas at various mosques within the GTA. He is also the co-founder and one of the instructors of I3 Institute.

Sh. Rasoul has an electrical engineering degree from Ryerson University, a Bachelor’s of Education degree from the University of Toronto, and a Master’s in Education degree from Brock University.

Qari Isa Forde has been leading taraweeh in GTA with his beautiful voice for the past decade. He also teaches Quran online.

He has done several live performances and has been teaching the book of Allah for over 14 years. Qari Isa forde lives with his family in Mississauga.

Follow him on instagram @QariForde.

Qari Haaris Akhtar completed memorization of Quran in 2011. He specializes in sciences of recitation. Qari Haaris also holds a degree in Public Policy and City Studies from University of Toronto.

He has led Taraweeh prayers across Canada and the US. He served as Part-time Imam and Youth Coordinator at Baitul Jannah Islamic Centre.

Currently, he teaches Tajweed at Toronto Hifz Academy and also works for Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Qari Haaris lives in Toronto with wife and son.

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