Statement Condemning Anti-Semitism

Published July 23, 2020

Islamic Relief Canada is appalled and ashamed by the hateful, violent, and anti-Semitic comments made by Heshmat Khalifa, a former trustee at Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW,) on his personal social media accounts.

Islamic Relief Canada believes that all forms of discrimination – including anti-Semitism – should be condemned and challenged. Our values of social justice, custodianship, and mercy are fundamental to our organization, our donors, and the people we serve.

Islamic Relief Canada has a long standing partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide. We have written to IRW asking for a full investigation into the matter and for action to be taken to train and hold accountable all of their staff on anti-racism and anti-Semitism.

Islamic Relief Canada has a rigorous screening process in place for all of our Board of Directors, staff, and partners to ensure that those we work with uphold our values.

We recognize that all communities, including the Muslim community, must do the necessary work to understand how hateful views can permeate our spaces, and that we have a collective duty to challenge these views and hold each other accountable.

As a humanitarian organization, our mission is to protect and serve vulnerable communities around the world, regardless of their faith, gender, race, class, or orientation, and we believe that all forms of discrimination hinder our ability to carry out our mission with integrity.