Be a Changemaker

Real change is made through constant care and support.

Our help must not only benefit people in need today, but also be sustainable for years to come.

What if we said that through one simple action, you could make this possible?

For just $25/month, you can join us as a Changemaker.

If we act together, we can bring life-saving solutions that will change people’s lives forever.

We’re for change. Are you?

Would you water a plant just once?

This Ramadan, that’s the question that we’re asking.

We all know that plants cannot survive if we only water them once.

And just like plants, people are also in need of regular care.

Especially people who are struggling through conflict and poverty.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us and be a Changemaker. By being a Changemaker, you can help people not just once – but for years to come.

Because as a community, we’re too smart to water a plant just once.

How is Changemakers different?

Imagine your one donation had the power to not just help someone once, but give them the constant care they needed to truly change their life.

That’s what Changemakers is about. A simple monthly commitment that helps power so much impact. Not just one cause, but many. 

For just $25/month, your monthly donation will pool together to power sustainable projects for water, food, education, health and livelihood.

And through the collective power of Changemakers, we can focus just as much energy on rebuilding people’s lives, as we do on emergency response.

You can help the lives of thousands change, all at the same time.

The power is in your hands to make a positive difference.

So, this Ramadan – be a Changemaker!

The Change You Make Possible

“Because of Islamic Relief, I am leading change within my community.”

We were trained in farming, and how to develop savings for ourselves. We couldn’t believe that we would be able to harvest butternut, tomatoes, kales and okra on our farm! Our community group now has $1000 in savings. I push myself harder each day because I want my girls to understand their role in the community and in the home.

Today, I am the Chairlady of our community’s group. I am so thankful for all the knowledge shared by Islamic Relief. I believe that with guidance, girls grow to be independent and supportive women who are leaders in their community.”

— Kanze* from Kenya
*Name changed for beneficiary’s privacy

Help empower more people like Kanze!

See Your Impact

This Ramadan, watch your impact grow with our Follow Your Donation video series!

We’ll show you where your donations go, and all the incredible stories that happen along the way.



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The more of us that do this together, the more lives we can impact at the same time!

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