This Ramadan, help us be a source of hope for widows and orphans in Pakistan.

Caught between poverty and a cycle of trauma, thousands of widows and orphans are neglected and have nowhere to turn for a better life.

Islamic Relief is on the ground, implementing sustainable development projects to help lift them from poverty to prosperity

Your support can provide them with livelihood opportunities, access to healthcare, scholarships, and psychological support.

Help us break the cycle of poverty, one family at a time.

This Ramadan, let’s show them that we are truly one.

Thanks to your support, BSL was able to raise $50,000 towards this project since last Ramadan’s campaign.

BSL will continue to support the next phase of the project.

How the project works

Islamic Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship Program helps to provide regular financial support to the poorest of orphans families, to assist them in meeting their basic necessities with dignity.  

Today over 6,100 orphaned children benefit from Islamic Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship Program in Pakistan alone. This has resulted in higher school enrollment rates and reduced the number of early marriages for orphan girls. 

However, the empowerment of widows – the orphan’s mothers – continues to be a great challenge.

The financial support received on a monthly basis is oftentimes not sufficient on its own, to truly bring families from poverty to prosperity. Sending children to post-secondary school, earning adequate household income and getting treatment for chronic diseases are some of the persisting issues at large.

Through Islamic Relief’s Orphans and Widows Empowerment project in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Muzaffarabad – 4,364 widows and their families will receive the support they need. This will be achieved most critically through: 

  • Vocational and skills training
  • Business grants to widows post-graduation from vocational skills training
  • Improved access to healthcare service through free healthcare facilities 
  • Post-secondary scholarships to selected students from widowed families

With your support, we can collectively make an impact on the lives of so many vulnerable women and children in Pakistan. 

Islamic Relief’s Presence in Pakistan

Since 1992, Islamic Relief Pakistan has transformed the lives of 9 million people living in remotest parts of the country including Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Sindh and Gilgit Baltistan.

Whether it has been the earthquake of 2005 in AJ&K or the floods of 2010 in Punjab and Sindh, the team on the ground has worked on the front lines providing lifesaving assistance to the affected.

Islamic Relief Pakistan works continuously to address the deep rooted issues in the country associated with poverty, education, health, water and sanitation and sustainable livelihoods. They ensure sustainability and real impact by also integrating their work with long term and effective partnerships with the government, private sector, INGOs, academia and media.

The team envisions a self-reliant, resilient and safer Pakistan by enabling and empowering its people to bring transformational changes in the country.

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