“Establish prayer and give Zakat, and
whatever good you put forward for
yourselves – you will find it with Allah.
Indeed, Allah is All-Seer of what you do.”

QURAN 2:110

Be the Relief this Ramadan

This Ramadan, we invite you to be the relief and feel the power of your Zakat. Everything you do means we can do more, helping us fulfil our mission of a more compassionate and just world where no one is left behind.

At Islamic Relief, we strive to ensure that your Zakat is not just a simple transaction but rather a means to uplift and transform. By supporting people to increase their own household income and break out of the brutal cycle of poverty, they have the ability to provide for themselves and their families for generations to come.

As one body of believers, your Zakat matters. And its effect is felt all around the world.

As we head into a Ramadan providing relief, we want to acknowledge the importance of a human-rights based approach to our work. The rights-holders we support have a right to access the resources and services we are providing.

By decolonizing our language from beneficiaries to rights-holders, we are acknowledging and doing our best to meet their basic universal rights. This is our pledge, always upholding the dignity of those we serve and continuously doing better. This is what Ramadan with community means.

Where Does Your Zakat Go?

Once you donate your Zakat, Islamic Relief Canada allocates your contribution to our projects on the ground. Your Zakat funds some of our most crucial work with people and communities living in disaster, poverty and conflict zones.

Where Does Your Zakat Go?

Our case workers, staff and volunteers in our field offices around the world are trained to do a careful needs assessment of each rights-holder. Our teams use a standardized system to collect information, record notes and categorize, to determine if an individual or family is Zakat eligible.

Islamic Relief identifies those well below Nisab, working with the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable. This includes orphan households, single female-headed households, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

*Our Zakat policy complies with strict shari’ah guidelines and is endorsed by qualified scholars. Your Zakat is an Amanah (trust), and when you entrust us to distribute it carefully and correctly, we take that trust very seriously.

How do we distribute your Zakat?

For those who are eligible to receive Zakat, we distribute your funds in the form of:

  • Food supplies and nutritional supplements
  • Emergency relief
  • Hygiene kits and sanitation items
  • Shelter and protection items for harsh weather
  • Agricultural and livestock farming supplies
  • Education materials, transportation support and cash transfers

We take on a community-based approach to our projects, sourcing essential items from local vendors, creating programs that best serve their needs, and supporting rights-holders to take ownership from start to finish. This ensures we are supporting communities in a dignified and impactful way.


From your table to theirs

For communities facing food insecurity, tough economic situations and ongoing humanitarian crises, our annual Ramadan food packs provide them nutritious meals and relief in the blessed month.

This year, our food packs will nourish families in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

What’s inside a food pack?

  • Dates
  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Wheat
  • Canned Meat and Fish

Food items vary according to regional cuisines, and are purchased through local markets to help support local livelihoods, the local economy, and ensure a high quality of products.

Join us this year in distributing 20,500 food packs and feeding 124,600 people!


Socio Economic Empowerment for Women

In response to the ongoing conflict, poverty, and complex disaster in Afghanistan, we aim to reduce the poverty rates among vulnerable women through livelihood and education development opportunities.

Women are being provided literacy, vocational and life-skill training, as well as community awareness sessions on the importance of education for girls.

By providing women in Herat and Nangarhar provinces with skills training, income generation tools and awareness on their right to education, your Zakat can support them to take ownership of their own lives.


Emergency Food Support

When disaster strikes, every second counts. That’s why, Islamic Relief is providing immediate, emergency food assistance to drought-affected internally displaced people in the Baidoa and Baardheere districts.

The districts’ most vulnerable and severely impacted households will receive food packs that consist of 25 kg of rice, white flour and sugar each, in addition to 5 litres of oil and 2 kg of porridge. This way, internally displaced families have the means to find relief in the face of disaster.


Emergency Water, Food Security and Livelihood Support

Economic and political instability, paired with ongoing conflict has displaced thousands of people and impacted many host communities located throughout Yemen. That’s why we are incorporating the needs of both internally displaced people and host communities into our work in Al Dhale’e and Dhamar.

Our efforts focus on rehabilitating 4 water systems, distributing hygiene kits, providing unconditional cash assistance and cash for work opportunities, as well as waste management awareness sessions. Zakat eligible components of the project include unconditional cash grants and hygiene kits.


Multi-Sectoral Humanitarian Assistance

In response to the lasting effects of violence in Gaza, we are providing cash assistance to support the purchase of each family’s essential needs, livelihood support to micro-businesses through training sessions and grants, and rehabilitating 110 water, sanitation and hygiene facilities (WASH) to enhance access to clean water.

The cash grants that are being distributed to vulnerable households and micro-businesses are Zakat eligible components of our multi-sectoral recovery project. Your Zakat can continue to provide struggling households the support and tools needed to withstand further economic shocks.


Socio Economic Transformation in Rakhine State

The effects of climate change are exacerbating poor socio economic conditions in rural and marginalized communities in Myanmar. To combat this, Islamic Relief is increasing access to livelihood means, WASH facilities and the ability to cope with conflict, shocks and disaster.

We are working to improve access to a dignified livelihood through skills training and support. Additionally, we are increasing access to clean water and awareness on WASH behaviours by installing safe sanitation points and clean water infrastructure.

The Zakat eligible component of our project includes the skills training, self-help groups and support we are providing to increase income and assets of vulnerable households.


Family Sponsorship

Many families in Syria struggle to survive without adequate shelter, limited means to pay for food, healthcare, or an education for their children.

Islamic Relief is aiding orphaned and vulnerable families in Syria with their essential needs. We believe that each family knows best what they require, and we aim to help meet their basic needs so they can live more of a dignified life.

Your monthly donation provides a lifeline to a large orphaned or vulnerable family and is allocated directly to the head of the family, who uses it to support their family’s needs and take ownership of their lives, making this project entirely Zakat eligible.


Your kindness transforms lives

We believe that every child deserves a positive start in life and the hope for a bright future. Through our Orphan Sponsorship program we support orphaned children affected by war, poverty and sickness, offering them the chance for a better future.

Through a one-to-one model of ongoing financial support, you can sponsor an orphan and care for their basic needs and wellbeing. Your monthly donation is life-saving, and helps to ensure that they have a safe home, food to eat, and access to health care and education.

*For Zakat eligibility purposes, we may pair you with Muslim-only orphans


Bring a smile to their face

In celebration of new beginnings with Eid al-Fitr, we deliver annual gift packs to orphaned and vulnerable children across the world with the hopes of making their Eid a little better.

This year, gift packs will be distributed to children in Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, and Yemen. Each gift pack will include new clothes or clothing vouchers. This way, through your Zakat, children all across the world can buy outfits, wear new clothes and celebrate Eid al-Fitr joyously.

How You Can Help

Zakat is a means for us to draw closer to Allah’s pleasure and build towards our afterlife. It is a fundamental pillar of Islam, and an opportunity for us to fulfill our global responsibility to care for those who are most vulnerable.

The Difference You Make

With your support, we can sustain the costs of our Zakat eligible programs to bring relief, hope and life into vulnerable peoples’ lives. Your help today means that families, women, children and the elderly across the world will find relief this Ramadan.

Not only will your donation mean that people benefit immediately, these programs will provide rights-holders the tools to support themselves and pass on to the next generation, and the benefit will be ongoing.

This means the effect of your one donation will be multiplied to help family after family access food, medical care, clean water, and education in a dignified manner for years to come.

Reap the rewards this Ramadan. Your support will act as a source of joy for others, while increasing sustenance and blessings in one’s own life.

Fulfilling your Islamic obligation is easy, and you can do it in these steps:

Choose your Mission
Pick a project to support that resonates with you.

Donate your Zakat
Visit our website or call us to donate your Zakat.

Follow your Donation
Get an update from us after Ramadan summarizing the impact of your Zakat.

Thank you

Thank you for your consideration in joining our efforts this Ramadan to support the world’s most vulnerable. Your Zakat is so often the gift of life itself and we take special care to reach those who are most at risk.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan, we look forward to making a difference in the world with you!

“Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve their hardship on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever helps ease one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for them in this world and in the Hereafter…”


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