Women and Girls

Over 130 million girls are deprived of basic education worldwide. At an alarming rate, girls are less likely to enter primary school than boys. 

Without education or support, they are vulnerable to abuse and face little opportunity for a better future. Join the movement today to give every girl a chance to succeed.

You can empower a girl to change the world.

Along with Nobel Laureate and activist Malala Yousafzai, join our vision to empower women and girls everywhere. Together, we can make possible the long-term development of their families and communities.

Barriers to their progress

Lack of adequate education for females is linked with abuses in their human rights. Because of internal conflict and poverty, they are denied basic welfare and face daily threats to their wellbeing.

These challenges also prevent them from going to school. Too often, their goals aren’t reached and their potentials remain unfulfilled.

How we’re helping

Islamic Relief Canada works to advance female literacy worldwide, and empower women to create and sustain better livelihoods for themselves.  

In key countries lacking equal access to education, we help girls receive scholarship funding for post-secondary education. Our skills development projects and micro-finance projects have given them opportunities for better jobs with long-term improvement of their living conditions.


Empowers a Girl Through Education



Sustainable Food & Income for Women



Business Capital & Training for Women