Join us on this exciting journey into the world of your donations.It is our goal to strengthen the relationship between our donors and our beneficiaries, as well as maintain a high level of transparency.

Meet all the people you help. See our operations behind the scenes. And learn about all the incredible stories that happen along the way.

Because at Islamic Relief, it’s always time to think bigger, do better, and build a stronger and more transparent charity that is truly for the people.

So what are you waiting for?

Come… follow your donation.

What is Follow Your Donation?

Follow Your Donation is primarily a video series, that you can watch through regular episodes throughout the year. But it is also more than that! It is blogs, reports, stories, emails and publications.

It is an entire approach to elevate your experience as a donor with Islamic Relief Canada, so that you can truly know the difference your donation makes.

Every donation we receive is more than just a transaction, it is a gift given with care and hope, as well as a means to uplift and heal.

By allowing you to follow your donation, we hope that you will see the incredible impact you have on real people all around the world.


We believe in helping everyone

Your donations have been the ease for millions of people around the world, SubhanAllah.

In 2020 alone, you supported a staggering 773 projects in 37 countries across the globe. Alhamdulillah, you’ve helped to transform the lives of more than 13.8 million people.

We’ve carried on quenching thirsts, protecting the vulnerable, growing livelihoods, and educating young minds.

Follow your Donation

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From Simple Beginnings

“We started because of the need. And really there was no plan. It was simply the image. People in the hundreds of thousands, dying from famine… It moved me and my colleagues to action.

In 1984, we did not have an office. There was no boardroom, to sit down and discuss and communicate and read. We just had a small donation box on the wall. We did not have any employees, they were all volunteers… But the most important thing in these first few years, was our focus on the needs of the people.”

Islamic Relief started from simple beginnings with a £0.20 donation. Now, by the grace of God, you help us bring joy to the lives of millions.

– Dr. Hany El Banna
Founder, Islamic Relief

Our Donation Distribution Process


We work with the poorest of the poor and those who are most vulnerable in the face of conflict and disaster.

Needs Assessment

Our case workers, staff and volunteers in our field offices around the world are trained to do a careful needs assessment and ensure equity between our beneficiaries.

Project Proposal

The field offices carefully put together project proposals to meet the needs of our beneficiaries, and submit them to Islamic Relief Worldwide to request funding.


Throughout the year, and especially in Ramadan, Islamic Relief Canada collects Zakat and donations to continuously fund projects that assist the poorest of the poor.

Sending Funds

Once donations are collected, we allocate funds to those project proposals by wiring the money to Islamic Relief Worldwide to send to the field offices for immediate implementation.

Your Donation in Action

Your support reaches our beneficiaries in the form of emergency aid, medical care, school tuition, water wells, community gardens, shelter, nutrition, and so many other forms of hope.

Your Impact

Once our beneficiaries receive your support, our work is not over with them. We make sure they continue to receive other forms of support, until they are self-sufficient.

Your $1 Donation in Action

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