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0million Population
0th Human Development Index Rank
0% Literacy Rate

Poor infrastructure.

Despite its booming economy, the rural areas of China remain in deep poverty while the cities develop. Living in harsh, mountainous terrains, these communities suffer severe drought during the dry season, walking for miles to collect contaminated water.

With poor infrastructure such as roads, health and education, rural populations in China have small chances of improving their situation. Many are unable to read or write, meaning they have little hope of getting a better job, even if the non-existent transport routes did allow them to reach the city.

We began work in China in response to flooding in the Shaanxi province in 2002. As well as emergency assistance, we helped communities build new homes once the crisis was over. Now, we work in five different provinces, providing key infrastructure like roads, water sources and health facilities, as well as education and seasonal distributions during Ramadan and Qurbani.

  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution