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Photo Credit: HosamSalem/AlJazeera

Gaza Needs Our Help Now

Gaza is experiencing continuous nights of airstrikes and attacks, with a rapid escalation of violence. These attacks have already injured 203 people and killed 24 others, including 6 children with no end in sight to the rising tensions.

After suffering decades of violence and human rights violations, Palestinians continue to feel unsafe in their own country. The economy has been damaged by political instability and constant violence. The blockades continue to cause chaos on a daily basis.

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Gaza, helping to provide urgent food, essentials and medical assistance.

Help us provide urgent relief and save lives.

Why Palestine needs our support today

Recent escalations in violence have left hundreds injured amidst shortages in medical supplies and fuel. Due to the limited availability of fuel, aggravated by the closure of Gaza’s border crossings since August 2, the general electricity supply in Gaza has been limited and is expected to stop in the next few days.

This will seriously impact the economic and social rights of the people of Palestine, including their access to clean water, hygiene, and healthcare.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has confirmed that 650 housing units have been partially damaged in the wake of airstrikes. Compounded by shortages, border closures, and ongoing violence, the situation in Palestine is looking frighteningly dire.

With over 1.3 million people in need of humanitarian aid in Gaza, Islamic Relief Canada is on the ground providing emergency relief as well as helping families recover from the ongoing violence. Every dollar you give means we can reach more children, women and the elderly who continue to face hunger, poverty, trauma and loss.

Your support for Palestine will reach them through immediate food supplies, shelter, hygiene kits and cash assistance, as well as focusing on recovery through sustainable agriculture, livelihood support and dignified income opportunities.

Donate to Palestine and bring urgent relief for thousands of people and families who are struggling to survive.

*All donations to Palestine are Zakat eligible.

Help rebuild and save Palestine

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places on Earth. It has a population of approximately 2.1 million people and since 2007 it has been under a land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel.

Years of conflict and the blockade have left 80% of the population dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive. Access to clean water is not possible for 95% of the population, and there is an ongoing power shortage which impacts essential services like health, water and sanitation. Almost half of Gaza’s people do not have enough food, around 60% of children are anaemic, and many children suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

How you can help Palestine

Even though tensions are extremely high and pandemic is ongoing, we are ready to help Palestine now. We will provide lifesaving care in areas where the health system is struggling to cope.

In Gaza the Islamic Relief team works extensively, providing vital medical supplies, sponsoring orphans, distributing Ramadan food packs, and personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of the healthcare workers.

The health system is under a lot of pressure due to staff shortages and lack of medical supplies. Show your support for the people in need by donating to our Palestine Emergency Relief.

Around half of the people living in Palestine are in need of vital aid and water. Islamic Relief is on the ground working to support the people in need across the region. Help save lives now.

Please donate today.

How your donations are making a difference to the people of Palestine

Islamic Relief has been working in Palestine since 1994. Our work in Gaza is focused on getting food to those who need it most, treating urgent health needs, facilitating access to water, sponsoring orphans and distributing aid during emergencies.

Through your Palestine donations, our team supports the developmental needs of the communities in Gaza through improving access to education, healthcare, psychosocial services, and livelihoods. The ongoing crisis has had a traumatic effect on generations of children. Through our psychosocial services, we are able to provide safe spaces where they can build self esteem and work on social, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Your support for Gaza is helping our teams to deliver vital medical supplies and vaccines to patients and staff. We also provide key items such as medicine, disposables, medical kits and food for all. Donate to Gaza and help save Palestine now.

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