It’s a brand new year, and we’re super excited to welcome Ramadan once again with you. Allahumma Balighna Ramadan!

This will be our second year celebrating Ramadan in the middle of a pandemic. While our hearts may be heavy and our mosques remain closed, our spirits can still rise above all and connect.

Let’s come together however we can: online, virtually, with physical distancing to help each other and bring relief to the collective. With this in mind, we want to help you make the best of this special month. We’ve put together a list of resources and initiatives to help get Ramadan Ready with us!

May these blessed days be a means for us to connect with our Lord and our community, and to share together in gratitude.

The Islamic Relief Canada Team

Spiritual Preparations

Ways to increase good deeds and connection

MyDeeds App
Our MyDeeds App has everything to help you get Ramadan Ready. Daily tracker for Quran reading, prayers and good deeds. Even duas and tidbits in one place!

Prayer Times
Quick links to prayer times as well as iftar times in your city! Bookmark this page and you can refer back to it whenever you need throughout the blessed month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Action Plan
Our most popular item! For the most blessed time of the year, a daily planner that helps you make the most of it. Download a digital copy or order a printed copy.

Daily Juz Recitations
Missing Taraweeh prayers? Bring the spirit of Ramadan into your home, with voices from your local mosques. Listen to all 30 Juz by our local reciters from across Canada!

Ramadan Duas
A full list of duas you can bookmark, screenshot, and save for you and your family. Perfect for Ramadan or for reading every day, after prayers or even before bed.

Spotify Playlists
Instead of spending time trying to find the right podcast or Quran recitation to listen to, we compiled a number of playlists for your ease this Ramadan!

Filled with Barakah

Making a difference in all the best ways!

Ramadan Ready Box
For the first time ever, order a Ramadan Ready box filled with everything you need for this blessed month. Get one for yourself or send to a loved one!

Ramadan Lawn Signs
Welcome Ramadan 2021 with a festive lawn sign! Here’s one way to stay connected this Ramadan nationally. Order yours today!

My 10 Nights
Schedule in your donations for the last 10 days of Ramadan so you don’t have to worry about potentially missing out on Laylatul Qadr!

Chocolate Calendars
Celebrate the joy and excitedly count down the blessed days using your very own Ramadan Chocolate Calendar. A perfect gift for kids!

Online Charity Shop
For the first time, you can shop hand-crafted items by beneficiaries. From soaps to ethnic cushions, we’ve got it all. All proceeds go to our causes!

Beards for Barakah
Our most insta-worthy fundraiser is back for a second round! The beards are coming in anyways, why not put them to a good cause?

Matching Donations
Many workplaces offer incentives to encourage charitable giving. It’s an easy way to boost donations! Find out and multiply blessings.

Want to become a social influencer for good? Choose a cause, challenge your network and become a Changemaker! We’ll help you set it all up!

Cupcakes 4 Syria
Back after high demand 4 years in a row! This one’s for everyone who needs that sugar rush. Order one for your loved ones or get a box yourself!

Just for Kids

Keeping little ones engaged and involved

Paint With Us
Join us on a night filled with creativity as we paint and welcome Ramadan! Sign up and order a paint kit of everything you need delivered right to your door.

Kids Fight Famine
This Ramadan, get your kids to join others across Canada to fight the famine in Yemen! Help them pledge an age-appropriate fast and become a mini-Changemaker!

Kids Kit
Filled with over 20 free printables of exciting activities for all ages from crosswords to colouring pages and connect-the-dots, with an Islamic perspective!

Kids Nasheeds
Want to get the little ones jazzed up for Ramadan? Put on this play list of 70+ kid-friendly nasheeds from artists like Zain Bhika, Dawud Wharnsby, and Yusuf Islam.

Zakat Resources

How to get started on your Zakat and make an impact

Zakat Calculator
Learn more about your responsibility and check to see how much you owe this year, then plan out how you’d like to pay it. You can get started online and read up on any FAQ here!

Zakat Guide 101
Read through our comprehensive Zakat Guide to answer all questions you may have about calculating Zakat and how it gets to those in need!

Follow Your Zakat
When you give your Zakat to Islamic Relief, we make sure it’s going to help the most vulnerable and lift them out of poverty. Read the stories of those you’ve helped with your Zakat!

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