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The blessed month of Ramadan is over. A sacred time of worship and dedication to Allah (SWT), Alhamdulillah!

After such a special time, we feel elated – and a little sad – that the holy month has come to an end.


Ramadan: Keep hold of that feeling

With our spirituality renewed, we all want to keep hold of that feeling at the end of Ramadan – that closeness to Allah (SWT). Ramadan may sadly be over… But that closeness doesn’t have to be.

The deeds most loved by Allah (SWT) are those done regularly – even if they are small.


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.


So don’t let go of that feeling.

By offering a regular donation to Islamic Relief, you can give thanks to Allah (SWT) and provide critical support for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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