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The Civil War.

Since the uprising began in March 2011, over 60,000 people have lost their lives in the Syrian conflict and hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating every day at an alarming rate.

Millions of people have been displaced with approximately 3 million Syrians facing food shortages as food prices have increased. Furthermore 59% of hospitals have been damaged or destroyed inside Syria, around 2,500 Syrians flee each day and over 500,000 Syrian refugees registered by UNHCR, half of whom are children. The civil war has forced over one and half million people to abandon their homes, seeking safety in safer parts of the country or neighbouring countries. The refugees are facing cold winter conditions and many are in need of warmer shelter and winter provisions. It is predicted there will be up to a million refugees early next year.

The humanitarian situation in Syria is stark. The public infrastructure inside Syria is severely damaged including homes, clinics, hospitals and other essential services such as water and sanitation networks. The result of which are overcrowded shelters. Furthermore, violence restricts men, women and children’s access to potable water, food and health services. Many displaced Syrians are staying in unsuitable unfurnished locations such as schools, university dorms and poultry farms. They are living in unbearable conditions – warm clothing, heating, and blankets are in dire need.

  • Qurbani meat distribution
  • Ramadan food package distribution
  • Orphan one-to-one sponsorship
  • Emergency Relief
    • Provide 2,885 affected families in Syria with basic food item, hygiene kits and non food items
    • Provide around 30 field hospitals and 100 medical points with basic disposables needs
  • Food distribution
    • Provided the main food item to the besieged families in Aleppo and suburbs
    • IR Mission in coordination with the local committees distributed these items to 32,000 individuals
  • Medication Support for Syrian Health services
    • Participated in alleviating the suffering of affected and disadvantaged people as a result of the crisis in Syria by supplying field hospitals with medical drugs and anastasia
  • Establishment of Cardiology and Dialysis centre
    • Islamic Relief provided the main equipment for running the Cardiology and Dialysis centre in Al Dana along with medication and ICU needs benefiting 3,856 individuals