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A Ramadan of Relief

This Ramadan, everything you do means we can do more. You help us fulfill our mission of a more compassionate and just world where no one is left behind.

You have the power to change lives, together let’s make it a Ramadan of Relief.


A Ramadan of Love

With open hands and hearts we continue to sustain orphans, the widowed, refugees, disaster-struck communities and all of those who call upon us to fulfill our obligation.

Your love and continuous commitment helped us implement over 170 projects, reach more than 1 million rights-holders through sustainable development responses, and provide ongoing care to over 22,000 orphans.

Because of you, we reached over 3.2 million vulnerable people this past year!

A Ramadan of Hope

Together, we look forward to a Ramadan with hope.

Despite the challenges presented to us time and time again, we will persevere and be the beacon of hope for all those suffering around the world.


A Ramadan of Community

In a world of division and isolation, we will hold our communities closer and strive to honour each other. Whether it’s here at home in Canada or around the world.

This Ramadan 2023, our obligation to those in need will not stop. We will do our utmost to continue to bring relief with integrity and dignity to those who desperately await our help.


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