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We firmly believe that charity starts at home. This is how real change takes root in the most impactful way.

Our efforts in Canada are focused on youth development, women empowerment, violence survivors, Indigenous communities, newcomer/refugee support, poverty reduction, healthcare and emergency humanitarian response.

Your support today means we can reduce poverty and support the most vulnerable here in Canada .

From coast to coast, let us join hands and meet the needs of our neighbourhoods.



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Domestic Initiatives

Winter Warmth

Without proper protection, the harsh winter can be a critical threat to those in vulnerable conditions.

We are here to serve the most vulnerable with dignity, by providing warm clothing, hot meals, and basic necessities.

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Back to School 2023

Gift a Backpack & School Supplies

With the new school year just around the corner, you can bring a smile to a child's face by gifting them a kit filled with school supplies!

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Eid al Adha Toy Drive 2023

Spreading Joy & Hope to Children Across Canada

This Eid, our teams all across Canada partnered with grassroot organizations to answer the call and help deliver Eid gifts to vulnerable children from Ontario all the way to British Columbia.

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Support Incarcerated Muslims in Ramadan

During Ramadan, it can be especially challenging for Muslims who are incarcerated in prisons across Canada to practice their faith and observe the holy month with dignity and respect. 

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Key Programs

We are dedicated to supporting grass-root non-profit and community service organizations. Our focus is to empower local efforts and build healthy communities within.

Currently we have two partnerships with local organizations:

Barakah Box

Barakah Box is a joint partnership with Mishka Social Services.

For three years, Islamic Relief Canada has supported the distribution of culturally sensitive food boxes for low-income refugee and newcomer families in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Bridge To Youth

Our most recent partnership is with BridgeTo Youth that promotes the education and social integration of vulnerable youth through free-tutoring, mentoring in an inclusive environment that will assist high school student’s transition to post secondary school.

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Choose an amount to give
Can provide a family with food, clothing, and hygiene kit

What Kind of Projects do we do in Canada?

Locally, our projects are centered around the needs of Canadians through partnerships, campaigns and community initiatives:

Choose an amount to give
Can provide a family with food, clothing, and hygiene kit

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