Islamic Relief Canada's reaction to UN Security Council Resolution 2735

Islamic Relief Canada welcomes the UN Security Council’s call for an immediate ceasefire, but the real test will now be its implementation. UN member states, including Canada, must use all their leverage to ensure these words quickly become reality on the ground.  

Every second counts, and many more lives are at stake. Over the past few days, hundreds more Palestinian civilians have been massacred, and starvation is rising as Israel continues to block humanitarian aid.  

UNSC Resolution 2735 calls for an immediate ceasefire, full and unimpeded distribution of humanitarian aid at scale, the safe release of hostages and prisoners, and withdrawal of Israeli forces.  

It is imperative that member states do everything in their power to honour and enforce the UNSC resolution, given its binding nature, and to ensure Israel's full withdrawal from Gaza without reoccupation.

We hope this will eventually lead to a lasting peace agreement and an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. All Palestinians and Israelis have the right to live in safety and dignity, and this will only be possible when there is an end to the Israeli occupation.