Pakistan Floods:

1 Year Later

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Rising Waters, Rising Concerns 

In the summer of 2022, Pakistan faced their worst climate disaster in a decade. 33 million people, 1 in 7 Pakistanis, were affected in some way and a third of the country was submerged. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of our emergency relief and recovery work in Pakistan! We are proud to say that the projects Islamic Relief has been implementing are not limited to immediate aid but also provide sustainable solutions that enhance life permanently for the people we serve. 

Your Impact, 1 Year Later

With your ongoing support, we have brought relief to more than 1.4 million people across Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and South Punjab provinces in Pakistan.

Together, we are providing food packs, robust family tents, hygiene kits, water trucks and tanks, cash grants, pit latrines, hand washing stations, health and hygiene education sessions, and temporary learning centres for children. 

Our projects continue to reach the most vulnerable, including over 680,000 women and girls and 5,500 persons with disabilities.

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We were completely hopeless and had lost everything

Azeema is a single mother living with her daughter Rubab in Sindh, the region most affected by flooding. When the floods hit, they lost everything. “We were completely hopeless and had lost everything when Islamic Relief came to our village,” Azeema says. 

Once the flood water receded, Azeema returned to the only home her daughter had ever known to find it no longer existed. They spent nearly a year living in tents, vulnerable to harsh weather and disease, and with little hope of making a dignified livelihood.  

She further explained that Islamic Relief installed hand pumps, built new latrines in the area, and provided cash grants to help residents meet their daily needs.

“We have rebuilt our home using the cash grant, and now it’s complete after almost 1 year of living in tents,” she says. We have started living the same life as before the floods . My daughter goes to school as well, and I hope to see her prosper in life.”

Azeema and Rubab are among the 1.4 million flood-affected people Islamic Relief has so far reached with

help to rebuild their lives and communities. Azeema can build a better future for her daughter through your generous support!

Impact of Flooding 

“The Pakistani people are facing a monsoon on steroids: the relentless impact of epochal levels of rain and flooding. Millions are homeless. Schools and health facilities have been destroyed. Livelihoods are shattered, critical infrastructure wiped out, and people’s hopes and dreams have been washed away.” 

– Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, August 2022

Climate Action & Leadership  

We aim to support communities in the long run through community-led and robust programs that promote climate justice and the use of indigenous practices.

This also includes:

  • Involve marginalized groups more closely in decision-making and planning processes, focusing on youth, women, persons with disabilities, and the elderly

  • Provide training and skills development to build awareness of climate risk, disaster prevention strategies, and how to manage emergency responses 

  • Combining scientific innovation with indigenous knowledge and using technology-driven and climate-adaptive improvements for food security and water services

Help Ongoing Recovery Support for Flood Victims

In the year since the flooding, Islamic Relief’s support has moved from emergency response to long-term development programming aimed at rebuilding shattered communities.

We recognize it will take years to help some families become self-reliant once more and are committed to offering our continued support until it becomes a reality.

A year after the flooding in Pakistan, everyday life remains challenging for millions of affected people. Please help us continue to support those in need. \

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