10 Best Days

The first ten blessed days of Dhul Hijjah were given by Allah to every single one of us. 

In a time of turbulence and strife, this is our chance to draw closer to Him through abundant worship, acts of solidarity and bringing hope. 

Make the most of these blessed 10 days!

This Dhul Hijjah, give from what you love to the most vulnerable communities in our world and be among the first to donate your Qurbani/Udhiya to those in need.

Here are some helpful resources and initiatives to help you make the most of these 10 days. 

Give In Charity

Fulfill your Qurbani

Be among the first to donate your Qurbani/Udhiya to those in need. Consider feeding families in conflict zones like Sudan and Gaza. Starting from just $90, pick a region, and we’ll take care of the rest

Daily Giving

Schedule your donations for each of the blessed 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, and never miss out on the rewards of this special time. Give a little each day to causes close to your heart. 

Eid Gifts for Orphans

Bring the joy of Eid to orphans and vulnerable children around the world! Just $50 can put a smile on their face this Eid.

Gift of Umrah

Give the gift of Umrah to a rights-holder in need from Pakistan and Turkiye. Sponsor an Umrah essentials kit, a visa or even their entire trip!

Raise for Relief

Gather your loved ones and crowdfund with us to raise funds for a cause closest to your heart. Every campaign, no matter the size, contributes to the greater good and helps us build a world where everyone can thrive.

Local Initiatives

Eid Toy Drive

For just $50, Deliver a smile to the faces of children right here in Canada! Our goal is to deliver over 1,750 toys across 15 cities in Canada, sharing the joy of celebrating Eid Al Adha. 

Relief Collective Apparel

Honour the blessed 10 days of Dhul Hijjah with spiritual apparel and gifts from our Charity Shop. From premium Palestine dates to kid's gift bundles, you’ll find the perfect item for any occasion.

Worship Kits for Incarcerated Muslims

Donate a worship kit for Muslim Inmates in Canada and help elevate their spiritual connection and faith during this sacred time. Let’s celebrate Dhul Hijjah together with warmth and compassion.

Walk for Water

Join us in a participating city near you to raise awareness of water scarcity and fundraise for Islamic Relief’s water projects. This nationwide walk highlights Lady Hajar’s story of hope, sabr, and trust when she trekked between Safa and Marwa for water.