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Parenthood is one of the most blessed gifts that Allah SWT bestows upon his servants. One of the most difficult decisions parents' face is choosing a name for their child. We have complied a list of Muslim names, including over one hundred Muslim boy names with meanings.

Find the right Muslim name for your baby boy

You may be in the process of having a baby - or becoming an aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. Whatever the case may be, the birth of a child brings great joy not only to the parents, but also to the whole family.

Hours are spent around coffee and dining tables, discussing and debating names proposed by members of the family. Many more hours are spent on Google, trying to find names and ensuring they are of a good nature.

Islamic Relief has compiled a list of names to assist you in this difficult process. We have researched and listed hundreds of boys names which are of a religious and Islamic cultural nature.

Our hope is that you find use in them and are able to pinpoint a name, which sounds good and has a beautiful meaning as well.

We are grateful for the support of donors and we hope and pray that this support will continue in the future. In celebration of the birth of your child, please consider giving Sadaqah and possibly Sponsoring An Orphan.

Islamic Relief takes care of over 50,000 orphans worldwide.

Muslim Boy Names

Below are some of the most popular Muslim names for boys.



1 Muhammad
2 Adam
3 Ishaaq
4 Zakariya
5 Ibrahim
6 Ali
7 Bilal
8 Hamza
9 Umar
10 Abdullah
11 Imran
12 Yousuf
13 Zain
14 Usman
15 Yahya
16 Sufian
17 Amir
18 Dawoud
19 Faisal
20 Asad
21 Rashid
22 Naeem
23 Younus
24 Daniyal
25 Zahid

You can also browse over 100 Muslim boy names via the alphabetical tabs below.

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