1 in every 9 people goes to bed hungry each night.

And this Ramadan, when it’s time to break fast, they can’t. For these children and families in need, the world feels that much darker at night.

Your Zakat has the power to change this.

You can help bring happiness to nearly 1 million people, and spread the blessing of Ramadan everywhere.

What can your Zakat do this year?


can provide emergency food aid



can fill an emergency relief pack



sponsors an orphan for a year



can provide access to clean water


Where does my donation go?

“We look up to Islamic Relief as our hope, because of them and Allah’s blessings, we can fast in Ramadan. Every day when we break our fast, we pray to Allah to reward you with paradise.”

– Fatoumata, mother in Mali

Through your Zakat, Sadaqah and Ramadan donations, we provide urgent food aid to those in need. We also help families break the vicious cycle of hunger by implementing efficient and innovative solutions that increase food sustainability.

Children are often hit hardest by food shortages, so we assist through emergency and school nutrition programs as well as maternal awareness. This prevents countless health problems in the future and saves lives.

We work to help communities become self-sufficient through food projects like drought resistant farming and family livestock businesses. This means families can provide for themselves, increase food security and create a positive ripple effect in their society.

What if I am not able to fast in Ramadan?

In some circumstances, a Muslim is not able to fulfill his or her religious obligation to fast during the month of Ramadan, or may want to recompense for a broken oath. Fidya and Kaffara are two solutions offered that can help a Muslim expiate for not fasting or breaking other obligations.

The paying of fidya or kaffara also benefits members of the community who live in impoverished conditions.

Islamic Relief ensures Fidya and Kaffara donations go directly to feeding a needy family. Make your payments easily online today.