Stand with Somalia

The impact of Covid-19 has caused us to reflect on our mortality and vulnerability.

It has inspired within us an urge to stand in solidarity with communities around the world as we bear witness to the ways conflict, climate change, and the pandemic has affected those who are vulnerable.

Today, we are expressing solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Somalia.

…and We created from water every living thing.” – Quran 21:30

Climate change has caused major water shortages in Somalia in recent years. Many women and children are still traveling long distances to retrieve water for their families. These journeys are often dangerous and threaten the safety of women and girls.

Islamic Relief Canada is on the ground in Somalia providing urgent relief and working with local communities to develop sustainable water solutions.

Your support can help fund one of the following projects and provide essential aid to an entire village:

Beledweyn and Balcad Districts

Construction of (4) dikes $16,074

We will be constructing 4 key dikes in areas with increased risk of flooding. The communities residing on the river edge have experienced great challenges whenever flooding occurs. These dikes will act as a gate that the community can open or close depending on what levels the water reach. These dikes will enable the community to utilize the water whenever the water level is low and redirect water to the farmlands around the river.


Rehabilitation of a water facility $32,149

A key priority of this project is to rehabilitate water supply systems and oversee the water’s quality and treat it to make it safe for drinking for over 1,800 individuals in the Howlwadaag, Hawotako, Kooshin, and Bundaweyn villages of Baladweyne.

Sanaag Region, Somaliland

Construction of a shallow solar system water well $125,519

This project aims to provide internally displaced people and drought-affected rural communities with access to life-saving water supply.

Drought has been a recurring calamity over the last two decades due the global warming and climate change; it has affected nearly all regions of Somaliland.

It is important to establish water systems in strategic areas in order to reduce the amount of travel required by communities simply to access safe drinking water.

The establishment of water systems will also ensure safe drinking water for rural communities.

Your donation to provide water in Somalia will count as a Sadaqa Jariya. This means that it will be a continuing charity that will benefit generations to come, and earn you eternal reward inshaAllah. Don’t hesitate – give your Sadaqa Jariya today.

Say “Have you considered: if your water was to become sunken into the earth, then who could bring you flowing water?”” – Quran 67:30